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Chibombo teachers cane, send pupils away for not paying volunteers’ fees


Some teachers at Chipili primary school in Chibombo district are allegedly beating pupils and sending them back home for failing to pay fees meant for emoluments for volunteering teachers.

The concerned parents have told ZANIS that the school charges each pupil a termly fee of K30 towards the emoluments for the teachers who are not on government payroll.

The parents have complained that some named teachers at the school have now started beating pupils whose parents have not yet paid the prescribed amount for this term.

One of the parents, Prigo Hanimba, wondered why the school has continued to charge such fees when the government has introduced free education in all the public schools.

Mr. Hanimba has also condemned the teachers for allegedly chasing away the pupils from school, who have not yet paid the money this term.

Another parent, Judith Phiri, said the school should scrap off the fees as they are disadvantageous to the pupils whose parents are unable to pay.

And some parents have accused the teachers at the school of poor working culture.

Beauty Mwiinga said some teachers spend most of the working hours drinking beer in the community, leaving the pupils unattended to.

Another parent, a Mrs. Mweemba, complained that her children’s academic performance has continued to deteriorate because the teachers at the school have allegedly failed to deliver quality education.

And when contacted for a comment, Chipili primary school head teacher, Muyagwa Munalula, confirmed that the school charges pupils fees in order to pay the two teachers who are volunteering at the institution.

Mr. Munalula also confirmed that the children were sent back home from school and some beaten for not paying the fees by a teacher who was reportedly drunk whilst on duty.

He explained that the incident happened on Tuesday, May 31, 2022, when he was out of the station for other official duties.

“When I returned, I found that the school had been deserted and when I inquired, I was told the same teacher had chased all the children,” he said.

Mr. Munalula explained that it is against the school policy to either chase or beat pupils whose parents fail to contribute the prescribed amount.

He said the named teacher therefore acted without the knowledge and the authority of the school management.

Mr. Munalula further said the teacher in question has not even been reporting for work following the incident but he emphasised that disciplinary action will be meted out on him.

Meanwhile, Chibombo District Education Board Secretary (DEBS), Berlina Moono, said it is unacceptable for schools to charge pupils fees in order to pay teachers who are working as volunteers in public schools.

Ms Moono explained that the government provides grants to schools from which a certain percentage should be spent on emoluments for employees who are not on government payroll.

She said she will therefore make a follow up on the case at Chipili primary school and take appropriate action.


  1. And yet some ugly upnd supporters with their ugly president will proudly say that they have introduced free education. Political gimmicks. Fuseke

  2. Some of these isolated incidents happen in some schools, especially rural schools. However, parents must learn to engage local school authorities before they even go to the press because some of these decisions are made by parents themselves. Many rural schools get deserted due to various factors although the most common is witchcraft. So parents entice locals to work as volunteers and offer to pay them something in appreciation. This was the reason Jobbicks Kalumba proposed that those working as volunteers be considered 1st for employment because they were unlikely to desert their stations because they were locals. The current PS can look at that policy as it can help retain teachers in schools

  3. Students were assaulted by the teacher . He must be reported to police. Even without a medical report , the other students are sufficient witness

  4. I’ve never seen such a stupid and immature man like Kaizar Zulu. Even my 13 year daughter is better than this man. How did he even manage to be one of ECL’s advisor? This man is really foolish to say the list mwebantu.

  5. Within reason, children can be excluded pending solutions of whatever is at issue. What you must never do, is beat up someone else’s child! (not in any way condoning beating up your own child either) If you do, you’re probably open for prosecution for grievous bodily harm of a minor. Violence must never be the run to solution!

    #plant a tree please!

  6. Kaizar zulu should tame his tongue. What you say dipicts who you are. if your home is full of the handsome, respect those who are not born like you. You will end up regreting one day.

  7. Fake news propagated by LT. LT has not confirmed this development with the school to hear their side. District Education Board Secretary (EBS) has denied it as unacceptable which is well known to the entire country schools that we have free education in Zambia now. Get your facts correct and report truthfully.

  8. Only those that are ugly and support upnd will be offended by my comment above. I can see I have angered a few of them ugly upnd supporters. I apologise to all the ugly upnd members

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