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MPs push for 20% salary hike, want K3, 000 as sitting allowance and US$120,000 Car Loan


Members of Parliament will soon become some of the highest paid workers in Zambia if their demands for a 20% pay rise goes through.

As Parliament reopens tomorrow, the MPs who currently receive an average of K50, 000 want their monthly salaries to go up by 20%.

They also want their sitting allowances to increase to K3, 000 per sitting from the current K1, 500.

The People’s Representatives are also demanding that their Car Loans allocation be increased to US$120,000.

They also pushing for increases in other benefits such as Fuel allowances.

Some MPs interviewed defended their demands on account that the cost of living has gone up.

And sources at the National Assembly have confirmed that the MPs have called for a Caucus at which they hope to agree on the next course of action if their demands are not met.

The Caucus will take place at Parliament Building on Tuesday morning before Parliament opens later in the afternoon.

The sources revealed that during last sitting, Petauke Member of Parliament Emmanuel J. Banda was tasked with presenting the petition to Finance Minister Situmbeko Musokotwane which was signed by all opposition and Independent MPs demanding for a higher pay.

“The MPs feel that petition was largely ignored and they believe it never received any attention from the President and now in this sitting, they want to put it as Agenda Item No. 1 and they will not relent until their demands are met,” said the source.

The source said the MPs are planning to conduct a silent protest in Parliament if they do not get their demands addressed.

“They plan to be keeping silent when in the House so that there is no debate whatsoever as a way of making the Executive respond to their demands. What is interesting is that the current Ministers of Finance and Home Affairs (Jack Mwiimbu) were in the forefront pushing for a salary increment in the last Parliament before the August 2021 elections, it would be interesting to see how they will conduct themselves on this matter this time around,” the source said.


  1. The PF thives used of looting on the backs of Zambians are now ……….

    Finding doors to loot closed , now want unsustainable pay raises while the majority of Zambians suffer………

    They should actually have cuts in the freebies they get…………

    Or have their renumeration tied to how many people are employed in their constituencies

  2. The PF thives used of looting on the backs of Zambians are now ……….

    Finding doors to loot closed , now want unsustainable pay raises while the majority of Zambians suffer………

    They should actually have cuts in the freebies they get…………

    Or have their renumeration tied to how many people are employed in their constituencies

  3. You haven’t even worked for your constituencies and you want car loans why? You are very greedy chaps

  4. Is this why people voted for you to go and represent them? Just for you to enrich yourselves at the expense of the people who put you there. I hope parliament will present a list if which MP voted where if this bill comes up so that we the people will be able to know whom we are getting rid off.

  5. The cost of running government in Zambia is too high as compared to the country’s GDP. We can reduce the burden on the Treasury by making the job of an MP being part time. So let’s adopt the Indian version of Parliament. The Legislature only meets when there are motions to debate. We can do the same here. Unfortunately many have misconstrued that going to Parliament is a way out of poverty. That’s why you see even people that can’t tell the difference between the letter Z and the digit 2 like Freedom Sikazwe want to go to Parliament just to shout yaah! X 3. People must be able to fend for themselves before they join politics. Now politics have been turned into a means of livelihood instead of service. And when it comes to salary increments, that’s the only Bill that goes through…

  6. Parliament makes new laws or changes existing laws.

    Politician: a person who acts in a manipulative and devious way, typically to gain advancement within an organization.

  7. This demand has only come after upnd won. What does that tell you? They know with their numbers that they can easily pass this resolution in parliament. Upnd members are in it to enrich themselves. We warned you!


  9. They are all hiding behind the dull call boy Emmanuel Jay “armed robber” Banda both MPs in ruling and opposition…this is what is flawed with our democracy these greedy parasites get to debate their own salary increments. People this is the time to take notes which one of your MPs is going to vote for this….the already get car grant enough to buy a brandnew Toyota Hilux now they want $120,000 car loan for what..this is Animal Farm indeed. ..this is no different to those ZESCO directors who wanted to procure luxury Jeeps.

  10. I’m convinced that these so called politicians seek office to take as much as they can. Zambian’s should introduce corruption studies because this is what most people aspire to. Why can’t they go to the bank and get a car loan like everyone else? Mufuna chabe va mahala. Selfish man!

  11. Thieves just deserve to be ignored. J J the thug who beat up police officers spearheading salary increase and sitting allowances – my foot. New Dawn government is levelling up poverty of poor Zambians created by PF thieves. ACC arrest JJ for beating men in GRZ uniform.

  12. What they heck, “MPs push for 20% salary hike, want K3, 000”. Shame on those cats. I will be spending no more than $50,000 on a good brand-new car here in the states, and it’s because the price of cars has gone to the roof. Taxe payer’s money, all they need in $20,000 maximum period. Bally need to wake up.

  13. Government is the cash point for the elite! Meanwhile a guy in Kasama is expected to live on K600.00, per month, and when he asks for more, he gets killed! Oliver Twist exits in this day and age, in Zambia. How disgraceful!

  14. It is high time the giving of car loans to Mps was reviewed and stopped . In my own view these guys should have transport allowance only and upon genuine proof that they used their own transport should they rembersed their money . We are tired of these get rich quickly Mps who go to parliament to only milk the government. Secondly, they so called parliament motel or hotel should also be done away with as well as some Mps have turned this place into abrothel and have been bringing prostitutes and other people’s wives for sex. Mps need to grow up
    and negotiate for their own loans from the banks so that the experience what the common man in their constituencies go through .Spoon feeding to these Mps should stop now especially when the economy is very bad for everyone especially the…

  15. everyone especially the common man. Mps shouldn’t think when they are voted to go to parliament is to go and make money instead of representing their constituencies. No wander people in most constituencies of Zambia are suffering because abig chunk of money is channelled to these unproductive Mps every 5 years to buy new SUVS. Shame on them

  16. The world is cruel. You are unemployed or on poor wages. Then someone tells to go to the airport to welcome someone. You wait there on an empty stomach. The someone alights from his plane jumps into a waiting car and merely waves at your crowd. Off he goes to push for his salary hike. You are at KKIA now looking for transport home…a home that has little or no food.

  17. My concern is that payments to these leaders are TAX FREE. Why are all their allowances and gratuity paid tax free? Yet govt is now following up retirees renting out their tuma one rooms mu komboni for with holding tax on those rentals, this is not right.

  18. The burden of economic reform should be borne not only by ordinary Zambians but also those in public office. As the English Philosopher Thomas Hobbes once opined, you are as a leader only as rich as the people you claim to lead. If MPs can demand for a 20% salary hike, K 3, 000 as sitting allowance and $120,000 as car loan, then the people they lead have every reason to demand for an increase in CDF from K25.7million to K40 million per constituency. Tit-for-tat is fair game.

  19. Why don’t you lusakatimes.com don’t put up my genuine contributions.Ihave noted that this has been going on for sometime as you don’t want bloggers to hear the truth.Ican see you are on the side of upnd

  20. People become MPs to get rich- not to serve their constituency. A friend of mine asked me to ponder why most rich people in Zambia are politicians. Every college should be teaching political science not accounts, medicine or architecture

  21. No their ‘salaries’ are already very high….the 20% can be phased 2% spread over tne years…a car is not life and death…so no 120…at 75000 one can get a reasonable vehicle brand new duty free….but let us introduce at least 5% duty on all cars for MPs which they have to pay if they dont have the Clerk can advance them the same and recover from their pay and allowances…

  22. One thing the law makers should know is that they are not the only people who are being affected by the cost of living.
    Let’s look at students who barely have money to last for a month and the lack of food allowance(BC) It’s hard to be a student. If we citizen are suffering then you as MP most also do the same or if not help to bring new ideas to help bring change.

  23. Bally Fix It please!
    This is total lunacy. In the midst of all the cries of poverty from the citizens, these chaps must find it fit to demand money from a cash strapped treasury. Honestly Zambians, can we allow this?
    Bally please fix them!

  24. @24 DeJa Vu
    That is too deep brother…..imagine trying to find transport from KKIA to Matero….am just speechless….these Politicians are evil

  25. Is this for real or am I just having a bad dream…..or is it April fools day in June……watoloka imisu wanyanta pamafi…this is what Zambians did to themselves…..Lumbani madoda praise singers Spaka and Tarino see what your uncles are demanding

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