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Donor funding Underutilisation worries PS


Northern province Permanent Secretary Bernard Mpundu has expressed concern over the underutilization of donor funds under the USAID-sponsored Scaling Up Nutrition Technical Assistance (SUN-TA) programme in Kaputa.

Mr. Mpundu said it is sad that government departments are failing to fully utilize the funds and are instead sending back the money to donors.

He explained that the same departments are however complaining of inadequate funding from the central government.

Mr. Mpundu revealed that in the last financial year, about K300, 000 out of the total allocation of over K2 million was sent back to USAID after government departments failed to utilize the money.

‘Money is given you fail to utilize and the same money is taken back to the donor. In other areas, we keep complaining of no money, and inadequate funding from the government. I fail to marry the two.

One benchmark of donors is capacity, do you have the capacity to utilize the money, if you fail, and the same money is sent back. This kind of attitude will not be entertained. This type of work culture must change ‘” he said.

The Provincial Permanent Secretary said this when he held a meeting with district heads of government departments and members of both the provincial and district Nutrition Coordinating Committees in Kaputa.

He has since challenged the DNCC to have a positive mindset, to help contribute toward the reduction of stunting levels in children.

The PS who later visited the community, expressed happiness with the efforts that the district is making in the promotion of gardening, and livestock rearing which is aimed at providing a diverse diet for children to fight stunting.

Mr. Mpundu explained that undertaking gardening projects is a good step in ensuring that children, expectant and lactating mothers are provided with a balanced diet to fight stunting in children below 2 years.

And SUN-TA Kaputa district Manager Falesi Maininga explained that her team has spearheaded the promotion of the gardening project in all health facilities in Kaputa to encourage women to prepare a diverse diet for their children.

Ms. Maininga noted that the team is also working with other stakeholders to ensure that these gardening projects are replicated in communities around Kaputa.

Frank Kalumba, one of the lead farmers, indicated that he is working with SUN-TA to encourage communities to grow enough food to feed their children.

Mr. Kalumba stated that SUNTA is encouraging them to grow foods that are rich in nutritional content such as oranges, maize, sweet potatoes, and vegetables among others.

Northern Province has one of the highest rates of stunting and malnutrition in children below 2 years which stands at about 44 percent.


  1. They just don’t know how to capitalize on funding without applying major corruption. They have never learned to do business WITHOUT stealing!

  2. Why should people be forced to use money. Do you know the stringent conditions attached to donor funding? This rotten monkey thinks you can just spend on whatever you feel like. He is a typical dumb upnd f00I

  3. I think i agree with No Corruption. The same goes for CDF, no single province has fully utilised the CDF funds as the money is still lying in Banks. The problem? I guess it was the getting used of being given cash handouts from ministers-this is the money that Zambians knew how to spend. Genuine money they have no clue, You see how corruption unconsciously damages even your own integrity & work ethic ? Allow it again & you ll be damaged for life.

  4. At Kaizer Sosala: It just goes to show you that there is now money everywhere in Zambia and it has even started yet. Remember also CDF money is in four corners of this country and also big chunk of it lying in Banks. And what was the situation during PF? No money anywhere only cadres and musicians enjoyed life-now life is for everyone-including your own Grandmother Kaizer Zulu-CDF will reach her, guaranteed!

    • Even in the past these monies usually went back without being put to use. The fault lies with the people who are in charge of these funds. What efforts do they put in the dissemination of information or awareness. I tried to join the WDC but failed because I refused to be associated with any political party.

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