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Take advantage of our geographical location, aviation industry challenged


Minister of Transport and Logistics, Frank Tayali has reaffirmed that government remains committed to making Zambia a competitive hub for aviation transport in the region.
Mr. Tayali noted that Zambia has potential to become the hub of the aviation sector due to its geographical location. Mr. Tayali said this in Ndola after inspecting the ground handling equipment at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport, adding that time has come for Zambia to take advantage of its location and improve on the connectivity.

He stated that being surrounded by nine neighbours, the country should take it as an opportunity to improve on the connectivity as it aspires to become a competitive and robust hub in the aviation, transport and Logistics sector.

“The country has potential because of where it is sitting. And we need to take advantage of this to improve on our connectivity and become a reliable hub for transport and logistics in the region,” Mr. Tayali said.
The Minister also commended Avic International for delivering 31 out of 34 equipment packages expected to enhance capacity as well as safety for all passengers.Mr. Tayali reminded engineers to understand how the equipment is operated and also engage in preventive maintainance so that the equipment does not lie idle because of small faults.

And Zambia Airport Corporation Limited (ZACL) Acting Managing Director, Maggie Kaunda said the equipment is part of the US $397 million greenfield project, which has been delivered at a cost of more than US$12 million.Ms. Kaunda said in line with the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP),ZACL is confident that once the specialised equipment is in use, it will instill confidence and attract new businesses.She said due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry has suffered a setback but expressed happiness that it is slowly taking a positive trajectory as the numbers of passengers have continued to increase.She disclosed that the equipment includes; air starter unit, apron bus, apron sweeper truck, conveyor belt loader, ground processing unit, 27 tonne tug master, 59 tonne tug master and tow tractor.


  1. Ba Minister,Zambia will never again become a hub for aviation in our region no matter how many times you make your pronouncement because the people that you have teamed up with to relaunch Zambia Airways will NOT allow you to expand because you will start eating into their market share…..Ethiopian Airlines are competitors for Zambia Airways Sir !!

    I would like to suggest that you urgently visit a couple of countries to understand what I am talking about and why this deal with Ethiopian Airlines stinks to high heaven.All that PF wanted from this project was to win votes in the 2021 elections,it was totally rejected by most of the technocrats in the Ministry of Transport Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
    Ba Minister,start your tour by visiting Malawi next door where a similar joint…

  2. It is total madness to think that you can build an aviation hub here when your partners in Zambia Airways,Ethiopian Airlines have spent the last 30 to 40 years building Addis Ababa as their hub….smell the coffee Zambians !!!

  3. Minister what are you putting in place to attract airlines to make zambia the preferred connection hub? If you could engage airlines to deem it fit to fly into the cb and the capital…so cb can be used to on fly passengers to say central africa, east and west africa…then the ones in the capital can be flown out to the south and angola and mozambique…but your challenge is what will attract them into the country….fuel costs, good accomodation, peace and security lower crime rate….in essence a working country….

  4. And why would someone want to fly to Lusaka when their end destination is Capetown? This ain’t going to happen!

  5. This is nonsensical…you have just created a govt owned airline with Ethiopian Airlines and you are saying to its rivals that Zambia’s location is ideal. The only way Airlines can come to KKIA is if you reduce the price of Jet A1 fuel.

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