Friday, February 23, 2024

Police Chief Warns People using insulting and abusive language against innocent Zambians


Inspector-General of Police Lemmy Kajoba is concerned with some criminally minded people who have continued abusing social media platforms by indiscriminately posting insulting and abusive language as well as defamatory remarks against innocent citizens.

Mr Kajoba has reminded the public that the use of electronic communication with the intent to coerce, intimidate, harass, or cause emotional distress to a person is a serious offence which is contrary to section 69 of the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes no. 2 of 2021.

In a statement to the media , Mr Kajoba says similarly, the use of insulting language and defamation of the president constitute serious offences prohibited in the penal code chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia.

He explains that the constitution of Zambia under article 193(2) mandates the Zambia Police Service to preserve peace, maintain law and order and ensuring the safety and security of people and at the same time upholding the fundamental rights of members of the public hence the police shall not relent from arresting or dealing sternly with any perpetrators of such offences.

Mr Kajoba says police have the capability to trace the perpetrators in any part of the country as long as they are using any electronic gadget, be it a phone, computer or camera.


  1. There are more serious issues please. House break-ins are the order of the day. Muggings have become wide spread that innocent citizens are not able to enjoy their evening beer. And here someone is more concerned with mere words…or insults as he calls them.


  3. Why don’t you look into those CORRUPT police officers in your failing force? The only thing they are good at is accepting BRIBES!

  4. So are the police going to be monitoring these utterances on social media on behalf of the purported victims or what? I believe we do have laws against defamation of all sorts and so the perpetrators must be held to account based on those laws. Nicknames can always be sorted out if someone tries to go that route in abusing others. I just do not think it should be routine for police to set up a surveillance of social media…

    • No this guy is trying to tell you how social media is angering HH. Of course HH has told him to arrest these Nakachindas so he is now warning social media users that he will be coming after them. “Users insulting and abusive language” should be left to civil litigation. Police have more serious cases to pursue. Like corruption in government and in the police force itself, He should go to Lilayi and warn his recruits and officers to stop destroying our country by their corrupt acts.

    • That’s the result of employing people from archives. There are a lot young police men who can do better than the fossils we are seeing.

    • @4.2 Deja Vu. You’re right, thats what your PF did by bringing Chikwanda back into the fold. We are now 17 billion deep in debt. Fossils Chikwanda is no more now.

    • 4.3 Upnd Ng’ombe…behave and term your immaturity I am not PF, never been will never be. If PF made a mistake in appointing ABC, that doesn’t give Upnd the right to retrieve something from the museum.

  5. This is why we fired this incompetent f00l in previous government. His president preaches about freedom of speech and human rights, yet his own police are recorded beating and degrading young men alleged to have insulted hh on social media. Why doesn’t he place those officers on suspension and institute investigations? You are just a dog like your president. Fuseke

  6. Timely warning from IG, we are tired with persistent non law abiding created by the rejected PF regime and perpetuated by their remnants

  7. The IG is back to issuing warnings like the previous one …spending most of his time and police resources appeasing State House. These old horses can never reform you simply need to retire all of them and just send young UNZA and CBU graduates doing nothing on the streets to Police Officer training school.

  8. U politicians spoiled the Zambians with democracy, they were expressing their freedom of speech, y infringing their rights. Let them express their rights.

  9. True, whatever you put out on line, can be traced back to you. So, let’s be tempered in what we dish out. It is right & expected, to criticise one’s deeds and bad behaviour, but it’s not your right to insullt the person in the process. Freedom of speech, yes, but within the bounds of respect for other people’s rights to dignity. Point out a person’s failures, but don’t call them a monkey for their failures! Anything that makes the person feel contemptuously treated & dehumanised, is an insult. E.g., classifying a person ‘monkey’ – when you clearly know the individual is human, is grossly intentionally insulting. Would you be happy to be dehumanised into a monkey? Neither would you call your elders ‘daft’, even if you thought they were!..because it’s not our culture! We must…

  10. Not sure just how long it would take for some bloggers to heal from loss of power; they thought they were above the law.

    • The August 12 victims are extremely bruised hence their angry comments here, not sure if they will survive as UPND is only graciously handing over power in 2050

  11. Job for you IG, arrest Kaizer Zulu for using insulting and abusive language towards yourself and the head of state – the president of Zambia.

    • Muna you have tickled me. Haha. You think that useless police chief who we fired can do anything to me. He ain’t man enough. Do you know who I am!? Let him send men here to arrest me I will slap them all

    • Muna Dekhane – You mean IG will send his cops to England to arrest a troll at his council flat ..good luck with that!!

  12. @Gig Bang – We are all sensible adults – l know, you know, what I meant in my comment above; and, it has nothing to do with excusing torture – for any reason, nor is it advocating for silencing criticism! Good constructive criticism (not flavoured with insults, for the sake of it) has good outcomes for all of us and should be encouraged. I’m in no doubt that whoever puts themselves up for leadership, expects the scrutiny & criticism that comes with the job, so does the current President. However, what one shouldn’t have to endure are intentional or direct insults.

    About not being Christian – I’m not here to unknot the intricate matrices of true Christianity. Only the person affected would tell you how deeply offensive this was to them.

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