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Stephen Katuka Demanding the dismissal of then Minister David Mabumba over the Video expose

Videos and Audios Stephen Katuka Demanding the dismissal of then Minister David Mabumba...


  1. Any public official caught with their pants down (literally) needs to resign to save that office from further embarrassment.

  2. Journalists, please find Katuka and get a comment from him regarding this new revelation (current video). Lets see if he’s a principled man who will waste no time but call on the woman in the video to resign.

  3. The leaked video of PF Minister David Mabumba clearly showed him misbehaving. He could not even dispute it.
    However, the woman in the current video is clearly not Mary Chirwa.
    Its only the PF and their sympathizers who are claiming its the DEC boss.

    • Blind following and tribal allegiance leads to one claiming something when the person implicated has already agreed that it is her in video. You are a very dull f00Iish b.l.t.c.h chi independent


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