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23 year old man murdered for stealing a duck

Rural News 23 year old man murdered for stealing a duck

A 23 year old man of Kabanda compound in Mwinilunga district has allegedly been murdered for stealing a duck.

North-western Province Deputy Commissioner of Police, Robson Moonga confirmed the incident to ZANIS and identified the deceased as Rodson Soneka.Mr Moonga said the deceased was allegedly murdered by three men who suspected him to have stolen their mother’s duck.

He identified the suspects as Clement Kameya, Dawson Chikwaba and another male only identified as Alex all of Kabanda compound.
Mr Moonga explained that the deceased was dragged to the suspects’ house where he was beaten to death using fists, kicks and sticks.

“The incident happened on July 28, 2022, when the deceased was beaten using fists, kicks and sticks by three identified men of the same compound,” he said.He further explained that after noticing that the deceased had become unconscious, the suspects picked the deceased body and dumped it at Mwinilunga district hospital and ran away

“The young brother to the deceased, followed and found his elder brother lying dead in the hospital ward,” he said.

Mr. Moonga said Police inspected the body whilst in the ward at Mwinilunga District Hospital and found bruised ankles and swollen back.He added that Police further visited the house of the suspects where the incident is alleged to have happened and observed signs of struggling.

Mr. Moonga said a docket has since been opened with investigations intensified while no arrest has been made.


    • In your government, all of you were criminals. Your leader, Jonathan “Edgar Chagwa-Chakolwa Lungu” Mutawire, set his panga wielding thugs on fellow PF members, in order to secure the party nomination for president at that conference in 2015. You thugs terrorised innocent citizens in the bus stops and the markets, and murdered people wantonly and whimsically. That is why your party Secretary General, Mumbi Phiri, is locked up in jail Mongu. You are the last people who can talk about desperation, when you borrowed and looted the country into $30 billion worth of unpayable debt, to say nothing of selling the remainder to the Chinese and the Lebanese. Get out here, you worthless kaponya

  1. They didn’t murder him, they simply killed him. For those not in ZAMBIA at the moment let me tell you, thefts and break-ins are the order of the day. You sleep in the day time so that you can stay awake during the night to guard your property. There’s not a single policeman in sight whether night or day time. I have personally lost expensive items. What is worse is people are now poisoning our dogs.

    • Thanks Personally I can’t kill a human being. But I don’t have sympathy for people who like to exploit where they didn’t sew.


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