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Muzala Samukonga wins gold at the 2022 Commonwealth Games


Zambia’s Muzala Samukonga won the men’s 400m gold medal at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, with an electric finish over the last 150m.

He won with a time of 44.66 seconds!


  1. Is this not the first Gold medal Zambia has ever won at the CommonWeath Games in 58 years, We are proud of you.

    • Not true, Zambia won Gold in 2022 in Manchester through Kennedy Kanyanta (Boxing)… please use your Internet to read.

      Having said that I agree that Muzala Samukonga has done extremely well at these games… and we are definitely proud of him.

    • @Jigga no need to be pompous. The blogger is just asking. How about just giving him the answer without casting aspersions on his smartness? Like Mpu has done.

    • Yes @Cosmos, you are correct. This is the first Gold medal in 400m in 58 years,
      True. Kenyatta won a Gold in boxing
      We just need to be serious about the development of Athletics in Zambia. The former World Athletics 400m hurdles Gold medalist, Samuel Matete should have been given a prominent role in training young athletes.
      Otherwise ,congratulations to Samukonga

  2. The time was impressive. He can break the World record of 43.03 in the next couple of years. Reporters, Get Matete’s comment.

  3. I was a 400 metres runner and all I can say is What an amazing and wonderful run! Coming from behind like that is a rare talent that his coaches must work on. We have a world beater here.

  4. Nothing special we have won God at these imperialist tournaments. Win at Olympics and then I will be impressed and even give you a gift of 20 000 usd

    • Wow wow wow Muzala. Congratulations indeed. You have carried the Torch for Zambia. UPND thanks for your support in sport as a whole. You have conducted yourselves very well since you came to power. All sports areas are doing tremendous work now.

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