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Consumer Association disappointed after RTSA curves in to demands by Taxi and Bus Operators


The Zambia Consumer Association (ZACA) has said that it only accepted the revised bus and taxi fares to avert a possible degeneration of the situation into unwanted episodes or to escalate into an unmanageable matter.

ZACA is now calling for reforms in the public passenger transport sector saying the recent fare adjustment debacle has exposed existing grey areas and weak laws which do not protect the general public.

ZACA Executive Director Juba Sakala said that the recent refusal by bus and taxi owners and operators to adhere to the announced reduction in fares is tantamount to manipulation of the law to suit their selfish needs and is also testament of the resurgence of arrogance in some stakeholders lacking discipline, order and respect.

Mr. Sakala told the local radio station Phoenix News that the disorganized public passenger transport sector in Zambia is the reason the country continues to use cargo vans as minibuses for people and lacks infrastructure.

Following the protest by bus drivers on the Copperbelt over the K5 and K7 reduction effected on bus and taxi fares last week, the Road Transport and Safety Agency(RTSA) has revised down to K2 And K4 respectively after another consultative engagement with stakeholders in the sector.


  1. This he Zambia Consumer Association (ZACA) is it a registered company that masquarades as an organisation, you look at its website no infomation about the executive or its election process, how many companies has it ever taken to court? On its FB page it just copies and paste stories of news as if its run by one entity last entry was May 2022. These organisations do not quality to be called associations

  2. Upnd has failed. It is like a slay queen which steals someone’s husband and then fails to satisfy them. The husband will go back to the first wlfe in 2026

  3. You can’t run business like that. Fuel is not the only component that has affected the transport business. Tyres, oils, spares prices of these all have been going up with each fuel price increase and have gone down at all. This means that the recent decrease in fuel price has had no impact on the bus business. Let ZACA start it’s own bus service

    • There is always a complain with you even when there is a reduction….you mean to tell me you have those other”components” every day? If you can not work out reductions in this scenairo then business is not for you.

    • #3.1 Tarino Orange

      Déjà vu is correct because all these components are inter-linked. I think understanding business dynamics is not for you, though you come to Lusakatimes pretending you know so much.

    • Tarino Orange.. you are what Mmembe called useful something…I ran two buses and I know what I am talking about. The items I am talking about cost money even though we don’t buy them daily. Simple example, I was buying a tyre at 500 Kwacha and then because of the increase in fuel I buy the same tyre at 1000 Kwacha when my projected tyre expenses were at 500 Kwacha. Fuel comes down but the tyre price doesn’t….no use explaining.

  4. *There is always a complaint with you even when there is a reduction….you mean to tell me you buy those other”components” every day? If you can not work out reductions in this scenairo then business is not for you.

    • Of course all you want is to defend even what cannot be defended. We eat food everyday just like we use fuels everyday. Why can’t the dealers in food reduce their prices along with the reduction in fuel prices…. answer is always I bought it at higher price… same applies with buses I repaired at a higher price.

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