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The Change you Voted For is Bearing Fruit – HH


President Hakainde Hichilema has told the people of Northern Province that the change they voted for on 12th August 2021 is now bearing fruit.
Addressing UPND Officials upon arrival at Kasama Airport yesterday afternoon, President Hichilema said the people of Northern Province voted for democracy, peace, and law and order which they are now enjoying under the new dawn administration.

The Head of state said despite the UPND being in government for a year, they have managed to employ close to 42,000 civil servants without corruption and regardless of political affiliation compared to 7,000 employed in 10 years under the PF regime.

President Hakainde Hichilema arrived in Northern Province ahead of the Ukusefya pa Ngwena traditional ceremony for the Bemba speaking people which will take place today in Mungwi District.

Mr Hichilema arrived at Kasama airport around 15:20hours and upon arrival thanked the people for making a smart decision of electing the United Party for National Development(UPND) into power last year.

The President noted that August 12, is a significant day for Zambians as they made a smart choice to vote for the UPND. The President recalled that yesterday marked one year when Zambians flocked to various polling stations to vote for change. He encouraged everyone to remember that the votes casted were not in vain citing the teacher and health personnel recruitment as evidence of their vote.

And Northern Province Minister Leonard Mbao thanked the President for sparing his time to celebrate with the people in the region.

Mr Mbao briefed the President that people in the province are happy with the development being undertaken by the government.

He commended the UPND administration for having a heart for the people which is seen through their non-divisive type of leadership.

The head of state is in Kasama to officiate at the Ukusefya Pan’gwena traditional ceremony of the Bemba people that takes place tomorrow at the Ng’wena arena in Mungwi District.


  1. Hello guys,
    Let’s accept there are good things the UPND has brought and also areas they have not done well. However, they still have time to attend to them. Let’s be honest and counsel them where they go wrong. Peace is a commodity we all must cherish. The cadres are no more one step in the right direction.

  2. I can see here that the pain inflicted upon PF is still lingering….The first step to healing is to accept your situation. The sooner some PF supporters do this the better for their own health. You cannot keep such bitterness and expect to lead a healthy life. Let’s go Bally, let’s go!!

  3. Kikikikikikijukija Hehehehehehe nkunkunkunkyu hahahahahaha kwekwekwekwe kwikwikwikwikwi!
    The change kikikikikikijukija.
    You borrow to pay salaries.
    They borrowed for the infrastructure you see with your own eyes.
    Who gives a damn. It’s a Pro West vs Pro East thing. I hate IMF with whoever dates them Imperialists.
    I hear there is nothing going on in Zambia.
    Self praise all the damn time.
    Umwine wacisushi…
    It’s a long haul to 2025 let alone 2026.

  4. I hear ka fuel keka keka kamucita bad uyumuntu.
    Gymnastics fuel prices.
    Has he lost his formula to reduce tha fue price to an hallucinogenic K5/litre?
    The IMF imposed a wage freeze on preceding Governments.
    The same IMF have allowed you to employ and to put the newly recruited civil servants on payroll. Is it a bait? What has changed?
    Nothing to celebrate.
    All Governments in Zambia dance to the tune of Imperialists.


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