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Buy-Zed pledge support to Muchinga province


Buy Zed Executive Director Evans Ng’oma has observed that  Muchinga Province is poised for a drastic change in the economic landscape once  it succeeds in hosting the planned  2023  Investment Forum and EXPO.

Mr. Ng’oma said trade and investment exposition is the best opportunity to showcase the available natural resources and various other opportunities that lies in the Province

Mr. Ng’oma encouraged people to take advantage of the investment exposition expected to be held in October next year in the province.

“The beauty with Muchinga is that it has several natural resources readily available in the Province such as land and human capital, among others,  to develop the Province economically, “said Mr. Ng’oma.

He pledged support in the preparations of the Investment Forum and exposition as well as help in attracting investment into the Province.

 Mr. Ng’oma was speaking in Mungwi yesterday when he passed through the stand for the Muchinga Destination 2023 at the just ended Ukusefya pa Ng’wena traditional ceremony of the Bemba people of Northern and Muchinga Province.

He further appealed to the provincial administration to encourage and promote value addition for investors who would want to invest in Muchinga  in order to create more jobs.

Mr. Ng’oma also encouraged Zambians to continue supporting and buying Zambian products as doing so will contribute to the economic growth of the country because less foreign currencies are spent in importing goods into the country.

“Am encouraging Zambians to buy products which are produced within the country because doing so is the only way to grow our economy, ” said Mr. Ng’oma.

And Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary Henry Mukungule briefed ZANIS that preparations for the forthcoming investment forum and expo have advanced.

“We are on course and so far so good with the preparations and we have continued meeting various Ministries, agencies and possible sponsors to help us in the successful hosting of the investment forum and EXPO.

Meanwhile,  Muchinga Province Minister Henry Sikazwe has appealed to local and foreign investors to consider investing in the Province.

Mr. Sikazwe said since the launch of the Investment Forum and Expo website, people are coming forward to register so as to take part in the event.

“We are making strides towards the successful hosting of the investment forum and Expo in Muchinga and from the time we launched the website for the forthcoming investment forum and EXPO, people are coming through to register, ” said Mr. Sikazwe.

The 2023 Muchinga Province Investment Forum and EXPO will be held under the theme “Promoting Investment for a Green and Healthy Environment through Sustainable Development”


  1. What organisation is this Buy Zed? It seems everyone is going to PACRA and registering companies putting themselves as Executive Directors with a sole aim of making noise, getting contacts for themselves, invites to dinners with company directors.

  2. Muchinga is lugging because of poor road network. While there’s a lot of rice in Mafinga it can’t get to the market because of bad roads while what known as Nakonde rice come from across the border. It’s a great injustice to have abandoned the Matumbo-Chama-Lundazi road. The same applies to the Chama- Mafinga-Isoka circuit. If these roads are done they can change the economic outlook of this region. Alternatively, if roads are too costly FRA can consider drones as an immediate and interim solution to transport inputs and produce.

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