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Veep commands Evangelical Church in Zambia for their support to develop the country


Vice President Mutale Nalumango has commended the Evangelical Church in Zambia (ECZ) for continuously complementing government through various developmental programmes.

Mrs Nalumango noted that ECZ has been supporting government by providing training for health care workers, quality health services and the provision of primary and secondary education in the country.

Mrs. Nalumango also requested the church to partner with government in mainstreaming national values, ethics and principles in an effort to achieve and sustain national unity.

The Vice President was speaking when she graced Chilenje ECZ Fundraising Sunday Service in Lusaka.

She was happy that the event was part of building capacity to support spiritual growth in the congregation, describing it as a noble cause because the house of God must be revered in worship and appearance.

“This event is evidence of your commitment in contributing to the growth of God’s work and development of our country in general,” Mrs. Nalumango stated.

She further indicated that the work of God is projected to advance if leaders and members sacrifice their efforts in church growth, hence hailed Chilenje ECZ congregation for their contribution towards the completion of the church.

The Vice President expressed hope that the remaining works and facilities will receive wider support even from people outside the congregation.

And Chilenje ECZ Pastor Christone Munyeu disclosed that the congregation targets to raise a total of K400, 000 to complete the remaining works at the church.

Reverend Munyeu explained the purpose of the fundraising event was to raise funds for the construction of a baptism pool, purchase of chairs and completion of the wall fence.

Reverend Munyeu thanked the Vice President for gracing the event stating that it was evident of her commitment towards the work of God.

“We believe that this is not a one off event but that such ventures are still ongoing until the completion of this church,” Reverend Munyeu said.

He also commended government for the recent recruitment of teachers and health workers, of which some of the church members are beneficiaries.

He noted that ECZ was proud to grow its partnership with government in the areas of education, health and social sectors leading to the development of the country.

Meanwhile, ZANIS reports that Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia Chairperson Paul Mususu gave a sermon themed ‘advancing God’s work during the COVID-19 era’.

Bishop Mususu who based his sermon from the books of Haggai and 2nd Corinthians preached the importance of supporting the church.

The Bishop noted that government should be among those ready to give towards the Lord’s work.

Others who attended the event included Minister of Justice Mulambo Haimbe, Kabwata Member of Parliament Andrew Tayengwa, permanent secretaries from various ministries among other senior government officials.


  1. Corrupt VP who looks like the male version of katuka. I know I am not the most handsome man in world but uyu mubi vp

  2. First Zambian Female president.
    The economy won’t as good as HH’s but peace and civility will continue under Nalumango and her bishop husband.

  3. LT the word is “commend” not command…just like we commend HH for a job well done to put Zambia back to health.

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