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My political enemies are after my life-Luapula Province Minister


Luapula Province Minister Derrick Chilundika says his political enemies who are after his life are behind the attack at his home in Chingola in the Copperbelt Province.

Mr. Chilundika, the Chingola’s Nchanga Member of Parliament, was at home with his family when unknown criminals armed with a machete and stones besieged the premises after jumping the perimeter fence on Monday night.

One of the attackers was shot dead when he attempted to confront an armed police officer who was guarding the premises at the time.

In an interview with Kokoliko Radio in Chingola, Mr. Chilundika vowed that his enemies who want to grab the Nchanga Seat from him won’t succeed.

He alleged that his rivals have resorted to the plan of wanting to kill him after observing that he is delivering development in Nchanga Constituency.

“The police officer on duty tried to challenge the team of attackers. I was inside the house for about 23:00 hours. The whole family was inside the house and the office was outside guarding as usual then we heard gunshots. I woke up after hearing the first gunshot then there were several gunshots that we heard anyway. After the first gunshot the officer banged on the door and shouted that Honourable don’t come out. That is why we stayed until after some time that is when he said now you can come out. Then we called the officer incharge to reinforce the team. That is how they came (more police officers). We came out we saw there was one person shot in the leg if I am not mistaken then the police picked him,” Mr. Chilundika said.

The Luapula Province Minister added that his family was left traumatized by the incident.

“We were traumatized as a family so we didn’t even get closer to see or identify the suspect because security advised us to get inside the house. They just beefed up more security to guard us. We were not given that privilege to identify the suspect. I simply want to thank the people of Chingola, Nchanga and Zambia at large that their prayers for me and my family are very important. That is why Jehovah had to save us; it is because of their prayers. I also wish to thank the people for their quick response, professionalism and expertise. If the police were not there, probably the enemies would have succeeded,” he said.

Mr. Chilundika challenged his enemies to look up to God in their mission to take over the Nchanga Parliamentary Seat in Chingola.

“Then I want to encourage those who may be perceived enemies to look up to God. You don’t fight things with force, planning to take life; you don’t fight it that way. Look up to God then God will give you what you want. That is what I know, so I would want to encourage if at all there are those enemies who are suspected to have sent these attackers. I would advise them to depend on God. It’s only God who can put them where they want to be. But from my understanding sorry to say this, this must be mentioned. We hear from quarters that there are people who have indicated interest to aspire for Nchanga; you know they are the main suspects. The evidence of the work that we are doing is telling them that there is no way they would wait and remove me (from the Parliamentary Seat) because by the time I get to there (2026 election time) I will have done a lot and it will become very difficult for them to dislodge me. Maybe that is why they are targeting life but any way God is faithful they will not succeed,” Mr. Chilundika concluded.


  1. Fuseke iwe you are a thug and crook who has angered your fellow upnd thugs after you failed to fulfil your promises to them. The Zambian people will do this to hh next if he continues playing around

  2. What made you think the incident is the work of political enemies? Deliver what you promised the youth day and night.

  3. They were just thieves trying to steal who got caught off guard because they didn’t expect an armed guard in the premises. Don’t make it more complicated by bringing in enemies etc.

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