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UPND suspects Foul play in the fire incident at Kapalala Market


The governing United Party for National Development (UPND) Deputy National Youth Chairman Trevor Mwiinde says his youth wing suspects foul play in the fire incident at Kapalala Market in Ndola.

Over 1000 traders have been affected by the fire which hit the wholesale area for tomatoes, cassava, charcoal and some makeshift restaurants.

Police and Ndola City Council say the cause of the fire at Kapalala Market in Masala Township, Ndola is not yet known.

After visiting Kapalala Market, Mr. Mwiinde said law enforcement agencies should investigate the cause of fire at Kapalala and bring the culprits to book.

Mr. Sialunga said UPND youths are concerned over the fire incident at Kapalala and Kapiri Mposhi Markets this week.

The UPND youth leader has told Radio Icengelo News in Ndola that fire incidents are sending many traders into suffering.

“As UPND youths we are very disturbed by the suffering the people of Kabushi Constituency are going through. We thought Kabushi Constituency was the bedroom for our colleagues PF not too long ago but look at how people are suffering. We are here to look at challenges the people of Kabushi Constituency are going through including the burning of Kapalala Market here in Masala, Ndola. It is sad to see the market burnt. It is sad for our mothers and many youths affected by the fire here at Kapalala Market. I feel the best way as a Zambian who believes in making our country prosper after seeing that they have started burning markets again like they gassed us, I want the government to look into this fire issue here at Kapalala and another fire reported at Kapiri Mposhi Market. They started by burning a market in Kapiri and now they have extended to Kapalala. We are not happy as people who want progress in the lives of people,” Mr. Mwiinde said.

“We don’t like to see people complaining or suffering as a result of this sabotage as the New Dawn government. The New Dawn government has a vision of fostering justice among all people through poverty reduction and education. Our mothers were buying books and pencils for their children through those businesses destroyed by fire at Kapalala Market. We know that many of the retirees are also here at the market selling things like salaula in order to survive. It is very unfortunate that some people have gone back to the old tactics of the PF of burning markets and disturbing the people. We as UPND youths are sworn to make sure that we live among the Zambians and deliver to their expectations,” he said.

“Our campaign message and our leader President Hakainde Hichilema, who is the Republican President, has been very clear that he doesn’t condone barbaric acts. To those involved in the burning of markets this is a shame and disappointing act if at all they are found wanting by law enforcement agencies. I don’t care which political party they are coming from, I won’t feel pity for them. Whatever has come to your mind, how can you burn a market? As UPND youths we are not happy and we will work with the government to put politics aside from markets because trading is a source of living for many people,” Mr. Mwiinde added.

Kapalala Market was again gutted by fire in August, 2017.

Meanwhile, Mr. Mwiinde has saluted a team of ministers that has visited Kapalala Market to console the aggrieved traders.

The team included Justice Minister Mulambo Haimbe, Mines Minister Paul Kabuswe, Green Economy Minister Collins Nzovu, Copperbelt Minister Elisha Matambo, Community Development Minister Dorin Mwamba, Small and Medium enterprises Minister Elias Mubanga and Lusaka Province Minister Shelly Mulyata.

“And we don’t want anyone to politicise this issue. We thank ministers for taking their time to console the traders at Kapalala Market. The ministers did well to check on how the people at Kapalala are suffering after the fire incident. This is very disheartening and counterproductive,” Mr. Mwiinde said.


  1. A market burned that is in the kapushi vicinity……

    A place where elections are imminent……..

    Who has more to gain by the suffering of the affected traders and their families…?

    The ruling party or the opposition ?????

  2. Were we not told that the fire could have been flamed by a carelessly placed restaurant brazier? Whatever happened, a thorough investigation would erase suspicions.
    Markets are poorly managed. Toilets and garbage are a menace. Buying and selling are chaotic. Most stalls and benches are made of timber, fire fuel.
    Why must markets always be under fire? Why don’t markets have a fire tender devoted to vending places. Set a fire alarm system in all the stalls. Put up a surveillance system, CCTV with proper security lights. Let’s be proactive instead of fire fighting and blame gaming.

  3. They have started burning one another these upnd thugs. Let them kill each other and spare innocent people

    • Nothing has changed even with the change of government. Statements from cadres who have no police training has continued.

  4. In Zambia what makes news is not what the police suspect but who the ruling party suspects. What a lapdog police force we have!

  5. @Machayi the solutions are abundant as you suggest and 60 years after independence these things should happen.
    If only we were led by a sane government. If only we were led by a government with common sense. If only we were led by a government that cares for these poor marketers trying to make a living. If only the minister of local government could focus on service delivery and not on forcing kachasu down the throats of poverty stricken citizens

  6. Remember city market,soweto market and lastly Pamela,WHAT IS THE POLICE DOING ABOUT this Kapalala market is non stater one needs simple logic and people must helped after by election and no vote buying this time we watching NGO,ACC be proactive do not take sides no biasness please.

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