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PF rubbishes ECZ statement hinting at blocking their candidates to re-contest seats


The Patriotic Front(PF) has reacted to the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ)’s hint to block Hon Joseph Malanji and Hon Bowman Lusambo to contest the respective Kwacha and Kabushi Constituencies.

Speaking when he addressed the media yesterday, PF Chairperson for Information and Publicity Raphael Nakacinda said the statement from ECZ is highly embarrassing.

Mr Nakacinda said the statement was clearly an inside job by the UPND in their continued attempt to block the duo from contesting.

“From the onset, the removal of Nshindano, the motive behind is now being revealed. It is manifested clearly before our eyes,” he said.

“The UPND are attempting to totally compromise the institution charged with the responsibility of presiding over elections. The statement from ECZ, first of all, it is bad at law… the ECZ is not the court. It has no mandate or indeed authority to interpret the law and even come up with the position.”

Hon Nakacinda argued that the role of the ECZ is to scrutinise the documents prescribed in the Constitution required for someone to be eligible to contest at nomination.

He said if anybody has an issue in relation to the law or otherwise, they go to the court to petition that particular nomination.

“Unfortunately, the ECZ has petitioned themselves, come up with the ruling against candidates who have not even filed the nomination,” he said.

“It is a laughable statement. But beyond that, the UPND through the ECZ in that statement, they are treading on dangerous grounds.”

The PF MCC warned that if the ECZ insists on such manoeuvres, they are attempting to put the country on fire.
He said this is because they can’t play with the emotions of people as charged as it is in both Kabushi and Kwacha.
Hon Nakacinda however warned President Hakainde Hichilema that the politics he is undertaking are only leading to the destruction of the country’s peace.

“I want to charge whoever is behind this statement at ECZ, stop this nonsense. You will not be there to heal the wounds that you want to open up in this country,” he said.

“You issue such a reckless statement after demolishing houses in Chingola. We want to appeal to the UPND, let’s all contribute and work together to make sure that these democratic processes of elections don’t lead us into chaos.”

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) issued a statement that it will not accept nomination from any candidates who’s elections were nullified by the Constitutional court thereby causing vacancies in the National Assembly.

The statement from ECZ has been received with mixed reactions with most stakeholders ruling the electoral commission offside on the matter.

Meanwhile, The Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) said that both Bowman Lusambo and Joseph Malanji are eligible to re-contest the Kabushi and Kwacha Parliamentary by elections following the nullification of their seats.

According to the statement issued by LAZ, Hon Malanji’s eligibility to re-contest is dependent on whether he will produce evidence that he has a Grade 12 certificate at the time of filing in nominations while Hon Bowman Lusambo is eligible to recontest the Kabushi seat because the court merely nullified the seats and did not disqualify the him.

Below is LAZ’s full statement


  1. These people never cease to amaze me, only dull people will have no options of candidates, anyone with a case or some cases before the courts law should not stand in the house of laws, these PF goons made ECL stand three times as a candidate due to lack of foresight and clear vision. A party of criminals and thugs.. Shame on you former ruling party and the entire PF system

    • They have no shame …they think they will win public opinion by doing this …they take people for foooools, they good thing is by-elections will go on regardless.

  2. PF is truly a party of dullards …they knew this will happen but chose this route because they are a lawless party in fact you have disrespected the constitutents where these candidates are standing again. Can you imagine if PF was in power and an oppistion party tried this fooolish stance…they would stand Charity Katanga to deal with them.
    Next this fat boy Raphael Nakacinda will ask people to demostrate …really lauaghable….a party of busy fooooooools

  3. Read the constitution you brought on to make HH suffer. Now it is working wonders. Enjoying the bitter taste of your own medicine

  4. The upnd including hh are all azzh0Ies they know they can’t win any election fair and square so they resort to this. Let them be warned that if our candidates are stopped then we will put this country on pause. We have foot soldiers and an army of supporters who will disrupt this country until normality returns.

    The above comments by the two gay dogs munigah and the tarino should not be taken seriously. They are what happens when a upnd supporter sleeps with dogs

  5. This is dribbling the dribbler.
    Eventually, PF will insist on the two same candidates and won’t back out. They are ready to face a disqualification at nominations than change candidates. Then they will have dribbled themselves.

  6. The law is the law, however………..

    I hoped those 2 criminal suspects did contest the elections………..

    Any election is now beyond PF………….

    We know they are hanging on because they know there is stolen money somewhere to eat from, but………….

    The law enforcement is on top of things, squeezing them, fyantaring everything…….

    there will be no money surfacing anytime

  7. If after wasting so much time in two different
    Courts ,it doesn’t make sense for these two
    MPs to be allowed to recontest in these by

  8. The Patriotic Front gallantly hopes to soldier on and file in with Hon. Lusambo’s and Malanji’s candidature to ECZ. They have chosen to be dropped by the returning officer than backing out. It is also a protest leading to to a systemic boycott.

  9. On FB 97 percent of those supporting the ECZ are from Zambezi region…. which makes the whole thing not political but them against us.

    • This is a very accurate observation. I have also observed a tendency for most of these Zambezi region bloggers to adopt names from Eastern and Northern provinces in order to deceive others.

  10. Imwe bantu inge chamilowa nichinshi? Where things are straight you want to bend the law? Nullification and disqualifying don’t they mean one thing?
    Law is law. You are told that you have created a vacuum in Parliament you cant stand, you come with your changed English utunyonga ndimi – ati I was just nullified but not disqualified. Balondolweleniko mu kilamba neli mu ki Kalunda elyo baleunfwa mayooo kkkkk.
    Elimwashila ba Lusambo.

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