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Police arrest and detain two suspects for sodomising a club DJ


Police in Chililabombwe on the Copperbelt Province have arrested and detained two suspects for sodomising a club DJ at a guest house after a drinking spree.

Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer Sharon Zulu said the two suspects and another who is on the run allegedly sodomised a 23-year old club DJ of Chililabombwe by the name of Cleopas Sukamanga at a Guest House in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

Ms. Zulu identified the suspects as Cephas Mutambo aged 26, Robson Ngambi aged 27, a Pharmacy attendant while another suspect only identified as Kelvin is on the run.

She narrated that Sukamanga was sodomised by the three in a room at a guest house as they slept after a drinking spree.

Ms. Zulu said the victim reported to police in Chililabombwe that he caught one suspects Mutambo in the act in the room – sodomising him as he sustained anal pain after the incident.

Police have since instituted a manhunt for the other suspect only identified as Kelvin and docket of case opened.

“Sodomy, reported at Chililabombwe Police Station on 14/09/22 at 15: hours, occurred on 14/09/22 between 00:00 hours and 03:00 hours at Mukinga Guest House Chililabombwe in which male Cleopas Sukamanga, aged- 23 of House No 5 Crossways Kamenza T/ship Chililabombwe, a Club DJ, reported that he was sodomized by three male persons he knows and can identify. He was caused to sustain a painful anus and general body pains,” Ms. Zulu said.

“Brief facts are that, the complainant who is a DJ at SEAL five bar in Chililabombwe was at work when three guys entered the bar to buy beers at 2000hrs. Among the three he only knew M/ Mutambo Cephas, aged-26, of Mine area Chililabombwe, other details unknown, As they were drinking, around 2200hrs the three told the victim to relocate to another drinking place. They all got into a car and went to Mukinga Guest house which has a bar inside. While there one of the three men booked a room,” she said.

“Immediately after entering the room the victim slept as he was drunk, whilst asleep he experienced terrible anus pains. He immediately woke up and found that he was completely naked and the other colleagues were all naked while one of the men was found in the act, his penis was inserted in his anus. He stopped him, later dressed up and went out of the room heading home and this was around 03:00 hours., Whilst home the pain persisted and the complainant took it upon himself and started looking for the suspects at about 12:40 hours whilst in town searching, he spotted one of the three suspects and alerted the members of the public for help, He was apprehended and taken to police were the matter was reported and the accused person led to the apprehension of another suspect male Robson Ngambi, aged 27, of C_ Section Mine area Chililabombwe a Pharmacy attendant at Medcorp pharmacy Chililabombwe, while the other suspect only known as M/Kelvin is on the run. Police have since instituted a manhunt for him. Docket of case opened, Medical report form issued to the victim and arrest made on the two suspects,” Ms. Zulu concluded.

Cases of sodomy are on the rise in some parts of the country.

This week, Police in Lusaka announced that they are investigating a case in which five pupils of Islamic Education Trust of Zambia are alleged to have been sodomised by three older pupils at the same school.

The five pupils, aged between 11 and 12, are alleged to have been sodomised between February 2020 and September 2022 by the suspects who are all said to be aged 16. In a statement, Wednesday, police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said the matter was reported on behalf of the five pupils by Kassim Tembo, 40, a Religious teacher at the Islamic School.

Police in Lusaka last Tuesday revealed the arresting of a 42-year-old man of Lilayi area for raping his 31-year-old garden boy.

According to a statement from police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga, Dorras Ricardo broke into Bright Simasiku’s house on September 10 and had carnal knowledge of him against the order of nature.

Ricardo has since been charged with sodomy.

Last June, Police in Kaoma arrested a 31-year-old teacher at Kashokoto Primary School for sodomy.

The development was confirmed by Western Province Acting Commanding Officer, Fwambo Siame to ZANIS who indicated that Mwiya Imebo 31, a teacher of Kashokoto Primary School compound in Kaoma, is alleged to have had carnal knowledge of his male colleague by the name of Alvin Mwanza of Lusaka’s Chawama compound at the time he paid him a visit.

Mr. Siame said it is alleged that the incident happened between June 11-12, 2022 after Mwiya offered Mwanza a cup of tea shortly before going to bed, believed to have been intoxicated.


  1. It is over, once such pandemic starts, it doesn’t stop…. next case to arrest Lumbambo will be Sodomy if he likes it or not.

  2. “Yaku mbuyo” is the order of the day lately. What was seemingly hidden has its veil removed. It came in crawling; now, it is walking. Soon it will be running.
    Is the DJ reporting because he was not paid or it is because it was a gang thrust on him?

  3. Nothing surprising here. Sodomy has always been there, except that the perpetrators are not caught or reported. It is like stealing and adultery. When someone is caught stealing or committing adultery and they are reported or prosecuted to the relevant institutions, it will certainly be in the public domain

  4. The chief Lumbani Madoda Praise singer Spaka is about to become pregnant….IMF will soon find him a husband…..dont mess with IMF loan conditions

  5. This is what we’ve been warning you about. HH and his UPND have gone soft on homosexuality, passively endorsing it, most likely being dictated to by their Western funders. They’ve turned a blind eye to the Alphabet agenda being pushed on Zambians, by their Western masters. This decadent Western lifestyle, when it’s fully unleashed on Zambia, and grown men start running around in skirts and blouses, Zambia’s moral standing as we know it will be no more.

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