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Improved Water Supply Services at UTH and UNZA as a Result of the Kafue Bulk Water Supply Project


Minister of Water Development and Sanitation Mike Mposha says the commissioning of the Kafue Bulk Water Supply Project is yielding positive results as the University Teaching Hospital (UTH), and the University of Zambia (UNZA) are now experiencing improved water supply services.

Mr Mposha stated that besides the two institutions, other areas in Lusaka are also experiencing improved water supply services because of the Kafue Bulk Water Supply Project and other interventions provided by the Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation to the Lusaka Water Supply and Sanitation Company (LWSC).

Mr Mposha explain that the government had been supplying water to the University Teaching Hospital for 18 hours every day between 05:00hrs to 23:00hrs through LWSC and the remaining 07 hours (period between 23:00hrs to 05:00hrs) were used for the building up water levels at the LWSC Stuart Park Reservoirs, and during this period, the hospital would use the water that would have been stored in the receiving reservoirs of total capacity 1600 cubic meters and tanks installed at various wards to maintain the supply of water to the hospital wards.

He added that, this was therefore, taken as the normal water supply regime to UTH though only certain wards were able to have constant water supply whilst other wards had challenges accessing water because of the structural challenges of the hospital.

He however, mentioned that following the reports that were publicized by one of the media houses concerning erratic water supply at UTH, the government through the Ministry of Water Development and Sanitation directed LWSC to start supplying UTH continuously (24/7) especially that capacity was built further by the commingling of the Kafue Bulk Water Supply Project.

“I hereby confirm that since Mid-June, 2022, the University Teaching Hospital (UTH) has been receiving continuous water supply and the flow is only stopped when the UTH operators communicate that the storage tanks are full to avoid overflows which would then be perceived as wastage,” he explained

Mr Mposha further explained that for the University of Zambia (UNZA), Great East Road campus, his Ministry working with the Ministry of Education to resolve the student unrest that were reported concerning the poor state of the water supply and sanitation infrastructure, the issue was resolved by way of designing and costing additional ablution blocks for consideration to be constructed in order to abate the situation where only 400 toilet facilities were available to a population of more than 32,000 students and staff.

Additionally, the University operates its own water supply and sanitation systems from ground water sources and so does not always depend on the services from LWSC even though there is a water connection that exists for contingency.

The Minister noted that with the advent of an additional 50,000 cubic meters per day from the just commissioned Kafue Bulk Water Supply Project, LWSC now has capacity to undertake network adjustments in order to supply critical institutions like hospitals, universities and barracks with meaningful water supply.

He cited that even though there are still areas in Lusaka with erratic water supply such as Foxdale, Roma Park and the higher portions of Olympia Park, now more areas experience improved water supply in terms of increased pressures and hours of supply per day from the initial 12 hours to 18.9 hours per day.

“The LWSC is now undertaking network upgrades and interconnections to connect the areas that do not benefit from the Kafue Bulk Water Supply Project,” he cited

Meanwhile, Mr Mposha disclosed that his Ministry will soon embark on a project to sink about 972 boreholes across the country, in a bid to provide improved water supply in the country.

Mr Mposha stated that the New Dawn Government is committed to expanding access to clean and safe water to all citizens throughout the country, it is for this reason that President Hakainde Hichilema has sanctioned the undertaking of various water projects in the country including the sinking of boreholes.

“I am now happy to report that the Ministry will soon be commencing the sinking of the 972 boreholes countrywide, having received clearance from the Attorney General’s Office to commence the process,” he said

Mr Mposha has since appealed to the citizens that as the Ministry commences with this project of sinking boreholes, requite support and care will be required from them.

Mr Mposha highlighted this during a press briefing held today at Mukuba Pensions House Ministerial Boardroom.


  1. Mr Mposha disclosed that his Ministry will soon embark on a project to sink about 972 boreholes across the country, in a bid to provide improved water supply in the country.
    The question is at what cost??

  2. You are sitted comfortably there even when you are a slave there drinking imperialists water and yet our people here have no toilets, let alone water to drink? Then you want to be clever ati “At what cost”. At your fathers cost. When we do things that will directly go to our people – let be even expensive – no problem. Cos now, its not like someone will pocket anything as institutions are watching and even the citizens themselves are watching so let the communal projects be expensive cos that guarantees quality work. the difference here is PF rised prices to fatten their pockets, with UPND all of it goes directly to constituencies,how? These boholes will definitely be sunk using CDF(which is already in each and every constituency. So this ka UK slave above asking at what cost?why doesnt…

  3. Water supply improvement is the result of PF proactivity planning and implementation. We MUST be acknowledging the good thing s PF had in place and delivered instead of demonising them.Talk of roads, toll gates, building of health facilities and education etc.This resulted into creation of employment for teachers and health personel.What are physical achievents for one year in power? Clinching ballouts, ending loadsheding,commissioning projects , such as the new KK conference centre,admiring the new airports build by PF, ending cadrism,inflation to a single digit, fuel costing more that it was under PF.Let’s appreciate what PF did as we condenm them in flaws!!!!!!

  4. #ROKA forget yourself and come back to earth. The project was funded by USAID who didn’t like the PF sticky hands. Bwana this was never a PF project, it was started in the MMD era, as usual youre quick to claim victory. Please stick to your shoddy Chinese deals. This one is completely out of your league

    • But PF undertook the project. The aid came as a result of the govrnment in place.Be honest bane.Yes, upnd is also doing something , but it is important to acknoledge the things other people do!!!!

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