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Statement made by the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security is Malicious- Emmanuel Mwamba


Patriotic Front Deputy Chairperson Information and Publicity Emmanuel Mwamba has expressed dismay over the statement made by the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Mwiimbu that the government has unearthed a ploy in which some political parties, media houses, individuals, and pressure groups are sponsoring sporadic incidences of men and boys being sodomized by force.

At a press briefing held yesterday, Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security Jack Mwiimbu mentioned that the government is aware that there is a long-term organized scheme to introduce gayism in Zambia’s culture and some political parties have brought some foreign nationals to organize and train the LGBTQ community to champion the homosexuality agenda.

The Minister added that this is a ploy carefully couched to induce negative sentiments on the Zambian human rights record for the donor community to be compelled to withhold aid.

Mr Mwiimbu stated that the motivation behind this scheme is to expose the government to social and economic challenges and to incite people to rise against a legitimate government.

But Emmanuel Mwamba who is also the Patriotic Front Member of the Central Committee cited that the claims made by Mr Mwiimbu as shocking because he merely repeated the earlier United Party for National Development (UPND) propaganda claims that an Opposition plot existed to make Zambia ungovernable.

Mr Mwamba mentioned that Mr Mwiimbu also repeated the false assertions that there is a scheme, using the so-called gay agenda, to threaten President Hakainde Hichilema’s government standing with cooperating partners and donor community so as to prevent them from extending to Zambia loans and grants that have been pledged so far.

“It is rather shocking that the UPND can conjure up conspiracy theories just to attempt to injure Opposition leaders and other stakeholders,” Mr Mwamba said

“This has now been affirmed by the Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security that the UPND/New Dawn Government are engaged in carrying out a similar scheme against the Opposition as was seen in the Black Mamba Plot of the 1990s,” he said

Speaking on behalf of the Patriotic Front, Mr Mwamba categorically stated that as an Opposition party, they are engaged in a democratic process of checks and balances as they did while in opposition, in government and now in the opposition again.

“We also note that Hon. Mwiimbu made Emmanuel Mwamba a subject of his press conference,” Mr Mwamba said

And Mr Mwamba made reference to the inaction by the Zambia Police that has failed to stop cases of homosexuality and its promotion in Zambia, stating that there have been publicized meetings of gay activists held in Siavonga, Lusaka and Livingstone and the Police have done nothing.

He added that it is public knowledge that there is a coordinated campaign to decriminalize homosexuality in Zambia and certain NGOs have been engaged by some cooperating partners in promoting this advocacy as shown by details of their meetings.

“We are also shocked by the declaration by Hon. Mwiimbu that his government found nothing wrong with the Lusaka July that was recently held at the Lusaka Showgrounds, although some activities of the Lusaka July have alarmed and outraged most Zambians, Hon. Mwiimbu says they saw nothing wrong, asserting that in their understanding, this was a mere fashion show and his government found nothing wrong,” he stated

“Reports that men were wearing female dresses and make-up, and men were kissing men, according to him, doesn’t not constitute homosexuality as nothing against the order of nature has been violated,” he added

Mr Mwamba cited that such a statement coming from a lawyer and a Minister of Home Affairs, is very careless and rather irresponsible, as it has the potential to encourage abnormal behaviour as seen at the Lusaka July and regard them as normal, which will violate public morals and laws against homosexuality.

“We wish to emphasize that the rise in crimes, robberies, murders, and recently sexual crimes against boys and men is alarming and requires strong action from the Police and other Law Enforcement Agencies and must immediately be arrested,” Mr Mwamba stated

“We have noted that Government is engaged in blame game, shifting responsibilities and failing to attend to crises besetting the country, and this matter is one of them,” Mr Mwamba added

Mr Mwamba mentioned that it is imperative that the government leaders reject homosexuality and its promotion in all its forms and not pass the blame to the Opposition as for example, they have done with the fight against corruption.


  1. Iwe Mwamba, could you please ask the UPND to publicly disclose the terms and conditions of the IMF deal?

    To an ordinary citizen, this is more important as the IMF will impact their daily lives for the next 3years..

    • The terms and conditions have been released. Key take aways are:

      1 Remove of subsidies from certain sectors i.e from fuel, which mostly benefits Zambians who can afford cars.

      2 Redirecting the money saved from removal of subsidies to social cushioning of poor people such as provision of free education.

      The deal is not nearly as bad as people like Mwamba would like us to believe. That is why they have changed the subject to providing checks and balances on bedroom matters.

      Google is your friend. You can find the outline of the deal on the web somewhere.

  2. Here is some one from a party that once told Zambians that………

    GBM was training UPND militia to attack ZDFs using catapults and golf clubs…..

    That highly trained UPND commandos had kidnapped PF and GRZ journalists in bwengwa

    That UPND had sourced $1.2 million for arms to unseat lungu……..

    That UPND was hiding arms in HHs inlaws village………

    They actually went on to gass Zambians, hoping to blame UPND, resulting in the lynching deaths of over 50 citizens

    • It is annoying to learn that some groups are sponsoring men and boys commit that act of sodomising forcefully. Whether by force or not, the whole crime is an abomination and high level misbehaviour. That amounts to big taboo and an insult to Zambia. Such people should pay a heavy price for that. Hon. minister of Home Affairs, do not be intimidated by such people just continue to do your good work as usual, you are doing a commendable job so far. Zambians are backing you up in this fight

    • Simbeye sit down and think. Who wants his freedom curtailed and be taken to Zambia’s infamous prison cells with one toilet hole for 60 inmates? This is all just an invention to divert us from real issues.

  3. The problem in Zambia is that you can’t trust politicians. Jack Mwiimbu’s insinuations may be true or false. What is important for the government is to focus on alleviating the suffering of Zambians due to the high cost of living. If it’s true, why is he even alerting the plotters? Why not silently capture them and put them behind bars where they belong? Don’t show off that you are working Jack Mwiimbu by shooting blindly in the air. Work quietly and bring all perpetrators of evil to book.

    • If you trust politicians you need your head examined. They always want to defend theirinterests and never the interests of the masses. In opposition they pretend to be with the masses so they can get the masses to vote them into power. Once in power they want to defend that power by all means. Thats why we need to regularly remove them. Who misses Mwamba? not me

    • And Jack Mwimbu needs to support his wild assertions with evidence. Otherwise he is just rabble rousing. Of course to protect his position

  4. It reveals that the state of the country’s economy is so bad that a few payments here and there can cause people to behave in a way that goes against the laws of the land; least of all laws involving doing what they may not even have orientation to! Also, why is an opposition party daring a party in government over something that is clearly legislated. Unless and until this law is changed the truth remains: it is an illegal act. Meantime, I hope the ACC, DEC and other law enforcement agencies will — for once in their frigging lives — prosecute those who have made it a career to fleece the country of its resources! Arrest and prosecute all plunderers. For once. Please.

  5. What Hon Jack Mwiimbu said was that thise with evidence, not speculative please, report the culprits involved in thus vice to police. Police cannot be ordered to arrest people because they dressed and wore make up like women. If so then women who dress up and have hair cuts like men should also be arrested as it should be assumed that they are gay.

  6. This Emmanuel Mwamba guy. No wonder the late Sata blasted him in full view of the Cabinet which was later shown on TV for the whole nation to watch. He likes hallucinating

  7. What about the false story you sent ZNBC? That story and who is behind it sounds like ploy. It some how validates what Min.Hon Mwiimbu is saying. Its just the way my uncle is, his demeanor scares many.

  8. With what Hon Mwiimbu said, no single LGBTQ+ will ever be arrested not even those who do it publicly. Let’s just brace ourselves the crime will soon be decriminalized to pave way for queer people a measure of freedom in Zambia. Joe Biden, president of USA made it very clear , America and its allies will never extend financial help to countries with anti LGBTQ+ laws. Hungary in Europe has suffered as first casualty at the hands of European Union for being against lesbians and homosexuals.
    New Dawn govt is full of hypocrites who will tell the nation in front of camera that they are against such abominations, yet will not condemn the acts. BWAFYA !!!

  9. if it meas dying let us die and not to support lesbianism or homosexual because this is ant christian,it is agaist the norms of the bible.Not even an animals can do such,not even a dog can do such.Is that the level we want to lower our country to, honestly arrest all those doing such. This crime is more than corruption because you are using your body to committ an act. shame shame shame to all advocating for LGBTQ.

  10. if it meas dying let us die and not to support lesbianism or homosexual because this is ant christian,it is agaist the norms of the bible.Not even animals can do such,not even a dog can do such.Is that the level we want to lower our country to, honestly arrest all those doing such. This crime is more than corruption because you are using your body to committ an act. shame shame shame to all advocating for LGBTQ.

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