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Interesting and yet unproductive discourse on Sodomy & Homosexuality!


By Prince Bill M. Kaping’a Political/Social Analyst

Interesting discourse has taken center stage lately in the nation about no other than sodomy and homosexuality! As expected in the era of internet, social media has obviously been set ablaze with conflicting views from everyone who reckons they ought to add their voice to the debate, somehow…….from the clergy in both established and struggling Churches, individuals attempting to cut their teeth in politics and activists trying to assume the role of heroes, senior citizens watching life fast pass by and individuals eager to prove that they remain morally upright in this SINFUL world!

While some people have argued it’s only now that the practice has notoriously become prominent, others have insisted it would be hypocritical to pretend it’s only now such a phenomenon is being introduced in the nation. It has been there for ages, they insist……only that society has talked about it in muffled tones.

One such interesting discourse we were able to capture was on Facebook was on Andrew Sakala’s page! Readers might be keen to learn that Mr. Sakala is a veteran scribe with many years of experience under his belt having plied his trade at the Times of Zambia, ascending to a coveted position as editor, and most recently as president of the hitherto influential Press Association of Zambia.

“Truth be told, ” he wrote. “While some including some Church leaders are pointing fingers at the state for the rise in LGBTQ cases, the truth is promotion and normalization of this culture is taking place right in our homes. How? Check the movies, reality shows and even cartoons on pay TVs such as DStv, Gotv and Top Star.”

Alderman Patrick Tembo who once served as Mayor of the city of Kitwe had a contrary view. He argued that it is unfortunate that our society has become a dumping ground for what he termed, “filthy, immoral and strange practices which are tied to the aid we are receiving from the imperialists!” He somehow hinted that there didn’t seem to be sufficient political will on the part of the current administration to curb the vice.

In agreeing with Alderman Tembo, Joseph Phiri argued that the curse upon us is poverty. He felt that It’s like we have no choice but accept the practice lest we will not get additional loans.

This was, however, immediately shot down by David M Mwanangombe. He couldn’t help but wonder what the so-called Lusaka July which was introduced during the PF regime was all about. “Tasila Lungu and Miles Sampa have prominently graced that event in the past, long before UPND got into government. Can they shed some light on it?” he asked.

Charles Lukonde weighed in arguing that one had to be nuts to think that some of our people have become gay within a space of 12 months! He contended that thieving ex- ministers……nay, a clique of thieves, PF criminals and their surrogates were hellbent on derailing the new government buoyed up by a rotten judiciary and the corrupt police service where a deputy IG was a thief! “The New Dawn Administration has on several occasions stated that they do not support gay rights, both before and after they came into power. Who is on record having pardoned a gay couple when the courts found them guilty?” he wondered.

On the other hand, Innocent Daka revealed that they grew up alive to the fact that ‘bazungu’ priests in Anglican and Catholic had abused boys associated with their churches. “In the 1980s when we were young, we used to hear whispers in our community how alter boys and priests had developed some peculiar strong bonds. Alter boys, some of them who are priests today would confess having been molested by priests!”

Patrick Kabanshi insisted that these things have always been a part of our society. He argued that, “We gain absolutely nothing by wishing them away! I think the solution first lies in admitting that this is here to stay and we then figure out how best we can strike some balance of living with it.”

Given the forgoing, it is quite clear homosexuality has always been very much part of our society just like your other list of “SINS” as highlighted in the Bible no matter how much we try to pretend and condemn it or turn some people into eunuchs.

Even if we round up all those we consider as ‘queer,’ dump them in the dungeon and throw away the keys, the walls of prison won’t change their sexual orientation. They’d still continue enjoying themselves in there, and once they come out, they’d carry on as if nothing happened to them. As Kabanshi seems to suggest, the best is to get to know these folks and understand them. If it is something that requires prayer, let us pray for them but if it something that we can’t change such as hereditary, let us stop hiding in the so-called culture and accept them as they are!

Let us avoid emotions or insults and debate intelligently…….


  1. No point in reading or responding to to Lusaka Times articles, clearly it’s now a UPND mouth piece. It’s no longer non partisan which we all liked. Must have been bought out or else they’ve also sold their souls to the devil. What will you do at the end of the age? Repent, God is beyond Merciful.

  2. Homosexuality is an unnatural act. That is VERY clear from the light on natural reason, and even more clear from the light of scripture. The only reason one would seek to justify it or try to make room for it is because of a darkening of the mind caused by sin, ignorance and satanic influence.
    Having said that, Mr kapinga is right to say we live in a sinful world. And though the authoritative word of God is clear on this issue, people will always want to find a way to justify sin. Just like the adultery will claim his wife has failed to look after him. Or the thief say he was hungry. At the root of it all lies sin. And all of us are sinners, albeit more prone in different areas than others.
    The solution ultimately lies in a redemption from the power of sin in us. This is only found in…

  3. John 8:7 “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her”
    Romans 3:23 “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”
    Hebrews 10:30 For we know Him who said, “Vengeance is Mine, I will repay.” And again, “The Lord will judge His people.”
    The biggest problem with the so called Christians and Churches in Zambia is that they want to take over the role of God.

  4. If we are going to disparage the LGBTQ community because of Zambia’s christian values ,can we also include adultery and drunkenness.The people attacking gays are the same people who raised voices against Dr.Sampa when he called for a ban on alcohol. Alcohol causes more accidents than gayism,and destroys marriages and livelihood than gayism. The same people attacking gayism are doing so with their side chicks sitting on their laps. Christian values my foot! A christian is christ like and Jesus was found with sinners and prostitutes. If Jesus were here today in the flesh He would have attended the Lusaka July and not your hypocritical prayer meetings. Let him who has no sin cast the first stone.

  5. Let us have a MORALITY POLICE lice they have in Iran, Saudi Arabia etc. This police should arrest all gay people, all those 4nicating, all adulterers, all drunkards. Chop of the hands of all thieves and corruption convicts. They should also chop off the lips of all liars, gossipers and slanderers and flog all children who disrespoect adults. Women should keep silent in the churches and no woman should be a preacher. Rev Sumaili should be stripped of her title and made to live as a kitchen house wife. We are a Christian nation and should take the Bible to the letter. Oh, and I should be stoned too, for calling myself ‘the saint.’

  6. Zambians need to inform themselves about what science says about the dangers of anal sex and stop being ignorant. To start with, the skin around the anal area is thin and can easily be damaged during anal sex. It is for this reason that it becomes easy to pick an infection by anal sex. HIV/AIDs and Monkey pox started as disease of homosexuals for this reason. Today homosexuals are saying it is a matter of time before monkey pox is spread widely among heterosexuals by bisexuals the way it was with HIV infections. Anal sex is also responsible for the spread of Hepatitis A that is common in Europe and North America and is said in medical circles to be incurable. E.coli bacteria which resides in the lower intestines can also be passed on through anal sex and cause disease. There are other…

  7. … diseases that are found in faecal matter from polio to Covid-19. Add to that faecal incontinence that is the result of damage to the sphincter muscle by anal sex. Ask yoursself then whether sex that leads more to conditions of ill-health than heterosexual sex and does not promote human wellbeing is worth having.

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