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Scientists trained in Biotechnology-Mutati


Government has put technology and science at the centre of national development as espoused in the Eighth National Development Plan (8NDP).

Minister of Technology and Science, Felix Mutati says government will promote science, technology and innovation to transform the economy through industrialisation.

He cited the use of biotechnology as another toolbox that could be used to achieve increased agriculture productivity

Mr Mutati said this through Ministry of Technology and Science Director, Jane Chinkusu during the national Biosafety meeting organised by the Center of Excellence in Science, Technology and Innovation in Lusaka today.

“Indeed, biotechnology for Africa is another tool in the toolbox to achieve increased agricultural productivity with adaptive climate resilient crops aimed at reducing poverty and boosting food security in the country,” he said.

Mr Mutati stressed that the core purpose of the technical expert meeting is to identify institutions in Zambia that are engaged in science, technology and innovation to capacitate them in biotechnology matters.

And the African Union Development Agency NEPAD Director Knowledge Management and Head Centre of excellence, Florence Nazare emphasised the need to promote value addition to products to develop the continent.

Ms Nazare said science, technology and innovation should be placed at the centre of all activities to boost social economic development in Africa.

She noted that Africa must move at the same pace with other Continents in the area of Biotechnology to enhance general understanding of the emerging technology especially in the agriculture sector to better people’s livelihoods.

“Africa should push her own agenda to promote industrialisation to lift people from abject poverty they have been grappling with through biotechnology,” she said.

Meanwhile, National Biosafety Authority Registrar, Lackson Tonga disclosed that the purpose of the meeting is to capacitate scientists on the importance of Biotechnology.

Mr Tonga said biotechnology is key to equip scientists on the best practices to tackle climate change which has affected the agriculture sector among others.

“The need for Scientists to acquire knowledge on new emerging technologies is critical for the country as it enhances their understanding on biotechnology matters,” he said.

Mr Tonga added that the role of the National Technology Authority is to ensure that as the new technology is coming, it is conducted according to the biotechnology act.

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