By Elections for Set for tomorrow as President Hichilema Woos Kwacha voters


President Hakainde Hichilema has concluded his campaign tour in Kwacha Constituency ahead of tomorrow’s parliamentary by- election. Mr Hichilema’s chopper left Kitwe for Simon Mwansa International Airport at 16:48 hours.

Earlier, President Hichilema in the company of several ministers and senior United Party for National Development (UPND) members held a road show in Kwacha Constituency where he appealed to people to vote for the UPND candidate, Charles Mulenga.

Mr Hichilema assured the people of Kwacha of massive development if they vote for Mr Mulenga.

President Hichilema who acknowledged the challenges of the residents of kwacha that include poor water reticulation and leaking sewer pipes, said his government will address their challenges.

He said his government remains resolute to work for the people of Zambia as demonstrated through the many development achievements already scored so far.

The people of Kwacha Constituency tomorrow will be voting for a member of Parliament.

The seat fell vacant after the court nullified the election of Joseph Malanji

Meanwhile, President Hakainde Hichilema has concluded his two-day working visit to the Copperbelt province.

President Hichilema whilst on the Copperbelt toured Kitwe Teaching Hospital to understand the challenges the health facility was faced with.

Earlier, the President visited the Copperbelt and Mukuba Universities where he inspected student hostels under construction.

President Hichilema was accompanied by Minister of Information and Media, Chushi Kasanda.

He was seen off at Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International airport by Copperbelt Minister, Elisha Matambo and other senior government officials.


  1. Exactly like PF would have done it… stifle all opposition and use GRZ resources to campaign…. The more it changes the more it remains the same

  2. Hakainde above, I am glad you are noticing how hypocritical that coward hh is. Didn’t we warn you about him? We say a coward because he is threatened by comrade lusambo such that he went to the extent of blocking their nominations.

  3. If I were the president of such a rich country as Zambia I would feel very embarrassed to drive a very posh car in the middle of shacks like those in the picture. Do poor people like seeing rich people driving past them?

    • It is that poor because of the people who have ruled for the last 30 years. They robbed the country worse than Mobutu, Bokasa, Idi Amin or any crooked Nigerian president ever did. After the Lenje president, Levy Mwanawassa fixed the country, the quickly looted it back into extreme debt. Within 10 years, they amassed an incredible $31 billion in debt, amount to a borrowing $3.1 billion per years, $250 million a month, or about $8.3 million a day- which they looted.

  4. If I were the president of such a rich country as Zambia I would feel very embarrassed to drive a very posh car in the middle of shacks like those in the picture. Do poor people like seeing rich people driving past them? If I were President I would first build more decent houses., then come and campaign.

  5. The President is mocking the Residents with all the poverty the man is inflicting on them he has the guts to fly in his Presidential chopper and abuse government funds in an illegal election at the same time preach that he is not drawing a salary.What a hypocrite

    • HH has inflicted poverty on no one. Ask your Eastern province brother, Edgar Lungu, and his Muchinga Uncle (through marriage), Michael Sata, how they took the country from practically no debt, to US $31 billion in unpayable, and untraceable debt in 10 years… This is what has made the country poor. Hakainde is working free of charge as president, to see if he can clean up their mess, just as his Lenje cousin Mwanawassa did before. .

  6. You were warned that all govt postions will be filled by one tribe.It’s happening.See the abuse of freedom and resources.

    • That is how you people; we are not like that. Your whole governments were filled with Chandas, Chileshes, Mwansas, Chitalus and Phiris, Bandas and Tembos. All the money came from Northwestern and Southern Provinces, but it went to build universities in Muchinga, Northern and Luapula, which have never produced anything.. You say we are tribalists, and yet we paid for your independence. Southern province provided 80% of the money that sent Kaunda to negotiate with England, the rest of the country contributed 20%. After that we gave you the 10% vote that allowed take over from the English. After that we fed you for 50 years while you ran up the debt and looted the treasury. You want to talk about tribalism??? HH has the most tribally balanced government since HH and UNIP

  7. It might look like a great triumph by HH and the UPND but it’s actually deducted a lot from his standing. There isn’t much to add here

  8. There is no need even to waste time campaigning. With bowman and bonanza out of the picture, both seats are going to upnd.

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