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After a 2 year hiatus, Afropop Artist, Katongo, is back with a new song titled ‘Hold My Waist’



After a 2 year hiatus, Afropop singer Katongo is back with a new song titled ‘Hold My Waist’. The song features Zambian rap superstar Jemax and is available for streaming and download on all digital platforms.

Katongo had this to say about the song, “When I came back to Zambia I had a single ready for release, however, I felt that it could do with a little extra flavour.  I had heard Jemax music and I liked his tone.  So I sent the track over to his manager whom I have known for quite some time. Jemax heard the track and liked it, so he jumped on.”

‘Hold My Waist’ is a sensual love song with a tropical island vibe.  The lyrics of the song are delicate but Jemax brings a rough edge to his verse which perfectly complements Katongo’s sultry vocals. The song is flirty and intimate and it also effortlessly sets the mood for all lovers.

She spoke about how the Covid-19 pandemic affected her career: “When Covid hit I was back in the UK.  We were on lockdown for quite a period of time but this helped push me to master recording my own music myself.  I got equipment and set up a home studio and I recorded all my vocals for my upcoming EP from my house.  I collaborated with producers via social media and email and sent files to my sound engineer for final editing, mixing, and mastering.  I used the restrictions as my time to work on my craft.  It all came together perfectly.  Aside from recording my project I constantly engaged with fans by posting online frequently and also pushed myself into brand influencing and had the opportunity to work with big brands such as Colgate and Carex without venturing far from home.”

Having been in the music industry for some time, Katongo explained the most significant lesson she has learned.

“Don’t be too humble!  There are so many talented people who are not known or struggle because they do not hype themselves up enough.  Sadly, a lot of the noise makers get attention even if their talent and content is lacking.  Super talents often get overlooked and rarely get the recognition they deserve because they fear being branded ‘conceited’.   Confidence is key! I wish someone had told me that from the start.”

Speaking on her upcoming EP, she explained that it was supposed to be released this year as it is complete and ready.  However, a few delays on the feature front have made her and her team decide that it’s too close to the end of the year to release the whole project.  It deserves a full push over a period of time.  Katongo’s EP is currently scheduled to be released in the first half of 2023


Katongo has previously released hit songs such as ‘Kiss of Life’ with Cactus Agony and ‘Tinofara’ with Slapdee.  Katongo was also crowned the winner of Best Female Newcomer at Kwacha Music Awards 2019 and is currently signed as a songwriter to UK based music publisher, Speegra.  Katongo plans to release an EP project early next year.

‘Hold My Waist’ is available on Spotify, Boomplay, Apple Music, YouTube and several other digital platforms.

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