Tuesday, June 18, 2024

11 schools in Kafue receive desks


The Department of Education in Kafue has distributed 150 rehabilitated desks to 11 schools in an effort to address the shortage of desks.

This follows the release of about K79 thousand to the District Education Board office to work on broken desks in schools.

Speaking during the distribution of the desks, Kafue District Education Board (DEBS), Berlina Moono said her office managed to pick over one thousand desk frames that needs to be reconstituted.

Ms Moono said her office has managed to rehabilitate 150 desks from the funds that her office received.

“The schools that are receiving include Rail side Community, Chilambila, Chikoka, Lishiko, Kanyangara, Chipapa Shimabala, Chipongwe, Nakatete, Magoba, and Naboye schools,” she said.

And Kafue District Commissioner (DC), Maurice Hikapulwe who was represented by Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Officer, Samuel Daka urged the learners to take care of the desks.

Mr. Daka stated that the free education policy that government has introduced has given a number of children an opportunity to go back to school thereby causing the shortage of desks.

He however, said this is why government has released the funds to ensure that all schools have adequate desks for the learners.

“I want to urge all the learners to take good care of these desks so that others can also use them in the future. Do not write your names on these desks,” Mr. Daka advised.

Chikoka Primary Headteacher, Ilah Mwale thanked the government for releasing the funds for the rehabilitation of the desks.

Ms. Mwale also praised government for the free education policy which has seen many children go back to school.

Meanwhile, some Naboye Secondary School pupils took advantage of the rehabilitation of desks which is being done at their school by participating in the exercise.


  1. It’s just the beginning. Expect more. The UPND government wants to deal with the basics first. Importation of school desks is banned in Zambia. Very good. My vote is working as intended.


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