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Former PS Songowayo Zyambo Arrested for Corruption Involving over $31 million


The Anti-Corruption Commission has arrested former Ministry of Agriculture Permanent Secretary Songowayo Zyambo, a former Principal Agricultural Economist, and former Principal Accountant for corruption, involving US$131million in a case of unsupplied fertilizer.

Songowayo Zyambo, age 56, of Sub-Division A/Lot 2336M New Kasama Lusaka, Grey Mwale age 51, of plot 43304, Chifwema Area in Chongwe, and Emmanuel Kabwe, age 48, of plot 13512, Off Kasama Road, Chalala have been jointly charged with one (1) count of Fraudulently Facilitating Payment from the Public Revenue for Goods not Supplied in Full contrary to Section 41 of the Anti- Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012 of the Laws of Zambia.

Details being that on dates unknown but between 1st January 2021 and 31st December 2021 Mr Zyambo, jointly and acting together with Grey Mwale and Emmanuel Kabwe whilst serving at the Ministry of Agriculture and responsible for the management and administration of public funds, did make a payment from public revenue, for goods not supplied in full, when they signed a letter of confirmation to Zambia National Commercial Bank on the 8th of April 2021 stating that Neria Investments Limited had delivered 100% of D-Compound and Urea fertilizer according to the requirements of the contract number MOA/FISP/G/1/2020, when it had not done so.

Neria Investments Limited was contracted by the Government of the Republic of Zambia to supply 75,380.70 metric tonnes of D-compound and 59,619.30 metric tonnes of Urea at a contract price of US$ 131, 142,682.65. The Commission in July recorded warn and caution statements from four directors at Neria Investments Limited, Bokani Soko, of 146 Mukuba Complex, Chudleigh in Lusaka, Justin Mutaa Katanekwa of house number 11965, Chelstone, Mohamed Zuneid Ismail Yousund Nadeem Yousuf both of Makeni in Lusaka.

In 2021, the four directors acting for and on behalf of Neria Investment, by false pretences and with intent to defraud, did obtain money in the sum of United States Dollars one hundred and thirty one million, one hundred and forty two thousand six hundred and eighty two sixty five cents (US$ 131, 142,682.65) having falsely represented that 75,380.70 metric tonnes of D-Compound and 59619.30 metric tonnes of Urea were supplied and delivered at the Ministry of Agriculture when in fact not. The trio have since been released on bond and will appear before court soon.


  1. So many arrests in the last 12 months still no convictions …what happened to the so called Fast track courts?

  2. It seems under this useless government upnd supporters and members are immune to corruption charges. Yet we have so many of them implicated in dodgy deals. Upnd will not win next election. Mark my words nakaleza payi bamayi bakwa hh

  3. I always wonder how money is never enough to some people. On a PS salary one can live a comfortable life without getting bribes.

  4. Koma kwenze kuba a mambala. I cannot imagine those sums but I sort of begin to understand some lifestyles I cannot figure out. Bwezani ndalama a mambala. Go back to living within your means.

  5. The Food Reserve Agency Executive director Chola Kafwabululua engineered the shifting of sales committee from the Agency to the Ministry of Agriculture with the former Permanent Secretary zgambo songelwayo . Free maize was given out and the Agency lost about ZMK 355 Million in revenue and only selected and preferred millers and traders benefitted. Both the Executive director and PS arranged an early maize sales program at $350 per ton. they were behind the massive drawing of maize from the reserves by DMMU under a toll milling program for relief maize . they were given money by millers. Investigate him on Antelope Milling, APG Million and ETG- Export Trading. chanda kabwe is involved

  6. This is so rampant in Zambia. Nigeria Malawi and Kenya I should add.
    Civil servants are always on the look out for such fraud. It’s their dream chance to get rich. Just check all permanent Secretaries and directors and you will see they have bigger amounts than their salaries in their accounts. They are all running big businesses outside their jobs very suspiciously. If UPND is serious just investigate.
    These money’s are from “Making payments for goods not fully supplied to government” The government should establish a civil service Investigator because ACC and DEC don’t have capacity. This corruption is so veined in our bodies I’m sure if given the chance Spaka, Tarino, Deja vu et al would gladly jump on to the thieving bandwagon

  7. Zambia will soon be too corrupt to be an economically viable country. What worries me is that one day ordinary people may just rise up and say ” enough is enough”.

  8. Eye-watering amounts!
    The discrepancy between a civil servant’s pay & the wealth they possess, is truly staggering! It says a lot about greed & underhand activities in our country. It appears that most wealthy people in Zambia, are, or would’ve been government employees, and their relations. Between them, they own all. And, despite the mantra of Christianity, there is – apparently, no shame in greed. Rotten!

  9. Zennia@10 above, why do u think I left Christianity? It’s one of the reasons. I found it troubling to belong to this religion.

  10. We need all the stolen money clawed back & put into schools. Jail terms should also follow. There have to be repercussions for this behaviour.

  11. In Zambia if you steal a chicken you go to jail. Steal a lots cash like my friend here they smile at you and shake your hand.

  12. Poor report. How much was not delivered? May be fake story to paint PF black.
    Why was Beria not asked to supply if true. They have plenty of fertilizer right now.

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