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Allegations of plunder of earnings from the Black Mountain by senior UPND Officials not true-Matambo


Copperbelt Minister Elisha Matambo has denied claims that there is plunder of earnings from the Black Mountain by senior UPND and such allegations are the work of enemies of progress.

The Black Mountain saga has resurfaced with accusations of massive plunder of earnings, a move which has left youths seething with anger because they feel leaders have not shared fairly.

Mr Matambo however rubbished the allegations from some suspected UPND youths that the ‘Black Mountain’ has been mismanaged by selfish corrupt leaders and that they should be reported to the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for appropriate action.

The minister’s reaction follows accusations of plunder of Black Mountain earnings where the youths feel left out.
Mr Matambo, who is also UPND Copperbelt Provincial Chairman, in an interview, rubbished the allegations and instead accused the enemies of the party particularly the opposition of coming up with cheap propaganda to dent the image of the ruling party which was firmly on course towards achieving economic recovery and poverty alleviation.
Mr Matambo said he had seen and read the allegations where some youths were accusing some government and party leaders of all sorts of things, but rubbished it saying it was the work of the opposition who were jealous of the good works of the New Dawn government

He said that those allegations are a cheap propaganda from our enemies, the opposition. They are not coming from our youths because, as far as, am concerned, all the cooperatives or companies under the consortium benefited from the Black Mountain. Find time to interview them and get their views on the matter

“Every company under the consortium got the right share and benefit from the Black Mountain and I don’t see any reason why some youths could accuse senior party and government officials of being corrupt and selfish. This is why Iam saying this is the work of our enemies, particularly, the opposition,’’ Mr Matambo said

But some suspected UPND youths said the mismanagement of the black mountain money by selfish corrupt leaders should not be condoned and warned Copperbelt Provincial Treasurer and Consortium of unspecified action.

“The mismanagement of the black mountain money by selfish corrupt leaders shouldn’t be condoned. We mean business. We are putting our records straight in warning the Copperbelt Provincial Treasurer and the Consortium Treasurer.

“We are not forgetting the person penning down the approval (signature) on our money , these people have massively become rich within the shortest period of time, enriching themselves by neglecting party structures, by fattening their own bellies at the expense of the poor youths. The scattering of party activities on the Copperbelt is sponsored by the consortium working hand in hand with the Copperbelt provincial team,’’ said the youths in a letter which has gone viral on social media.

The Youths who identified themselves as Watch Man Media Team has since called the republican President Hakainde Hichilema to intervene in the matter urgently before the UPND youths on the Copperbelt resolve to pass a vote of no confidence in their leaders.

As Watch Man Media Team, we are also appealing to the Secretary General at this point to wake up and act accordingly. Let’s separate from being a minister and a chairman, it’s the reason why Copperbelt province is becoming unattractive in terms of politics


  1. There he goes again. Of course you will deny until the next government starts to confiscate those trucks ferrying the black mountain stuff. Then like the PF goons you will cry victimization.
    You think the people you are using don’t talk?

  2. You honestly thiink this loud mouthed cadre Elisha Matambo would agree if it were true….its the the selfsame cycle of mediocrity being repeated all over again.

  3. These are mostly cases of PF being starved of funds……………

    PF relied on corruption and siphoning GRZ money to survive……….

    • Spaka if you want your party to do well try at sometime to analyse the criticisms instead rushing to blame the PF. I live in Kitwe and your members are not different from the PF. You know even our domestic servants can reveal our secrets. Learn to distinguish malice from the truth.

  4. The Black Mountain is a public property so I expect the Auditor General to audit its operations. The anger with which UPND officials respond when called to account astounds me. Why do they respond so angrily if they’re innocent. Matambo must explain how funds are disbursed or alternatively invite the Auditor General. He can’t continue to blame imaginary enemies. The youths who were said to be empowered are still broke and impoverished while the resources are now depleted. Dick Sichembe must not wait until Matambo is no longer Minister to come and tell us stories. Let him move now. In Zambia there’s usually fire wherever there’s smoke

  5. Its time for you to change and do the right thing so that when your time comes you will not come and complain.Stop defending what is a well known factor.Who is the chairman of black mountain? Were is the proceeds of copper slug going and who is benefiting? That black mountain was purely for the youths, how i wish the late Youngson was around,were is the spirit of youngson? May his soul rest in peace.

  6. They are no longer canders . They are now called JUNKIES or SUSPECTED UPND YOUTHS. YOU ARE DISOWNING THEM AT YOUR OWN PERIL. in two years time , you will need them.

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