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African countries urged to intensify fight for human rights


Namibian Minister of Justice, Yvonne Dausab, says African countries should reinforce their efforts in the fight for human rights.

Ms Dausab said African countries have not done well in fighting for human rights, therefore mechanisms and policies should quickly be developed and implemented.

She noted that most African counties are going through different human rights violations such as sexual violence, alarming levels of gender-based violence and conflicts among others.

She added that policies and strategies should quickly be implemented and translated into serving the rights of the people.

Ms Dausab said this when she gave a keynote speech during the Southern African Human Rights Defenders Summit that is underway at in Lusaka today.

The summit has attracted a number of human rights support officials coming from different African countries.

She noted that the three-days summit will definitely help to bridge the gap related to government, human rights defenders and the general public in the fight for human rights.

Ms Dausab stated that African countries should remain conscious of the fact that citizens are entitled to human rights.

“Most people have had their rights violated, therefore governments from different African countries and stakeholders should come and work together and bridge the gap.” Ms Dausab said.

Ms Dausab has however commended the Zambian government for the excellent commitment it has shown in the fight for democracy.

She revealed that Zambia was chosen to host the Southern African Human Rights Defenders Summit because of her commitment to fight for democracy and human rights.

And Southern Africa Human Rights Defenders Network Director, Washington Katema, noted that the summit being held today is the fifth one and has given an opportunity for human rights activists and defenders to converge and discuss different matters that affect the civic rights of the people.

Mr Katema noted that the meeting will help come up with different strategies for African countries to devise good ideas and policies which will give hope to the people.

This year’s theme for the summit is: ‘A Journey to Sustainability’.


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