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Zambia is destined for massive development, diplomats


Several diplomats accredited to Zambia have indicated that the country is poised for massive economic transformation.

Among the diplomats that predict Zambia’s economic growth is the United States of America – USA Ambassador to Zambia, Micheal Gonzales who said Zambia is destined for massive development.

Mr Gonzales has attributed the projected growth of Zambia’s economy to what he termed as “excellent strategies and policies” that the government is implementing.

The diplomat made this observation last evening during the 5th Annual Corporates and Diplomats’ Gala Dinner organized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Relations held at Twangale park in Lusaka.

He said Zambia’s economic foundation is very strong and can be seen from the inflation rates that have continued to go down adding that this has seen an increased spike of businesses for both and investments from around the world.

“If the government is going to continue implementing these strategies, the country will go far in terms of development. And I would love for the government to continue engaging the private sector who are good partners for development.” Mr Gonzales said.

And Finish Ambassador to Zambia, Saana Halinen has observed that if the government continues with the implementation of its current policies, Zambia’s economy is undoubtedly poised for greater heights.

Ms Halinen also said the Zambian economy is very impressive, especially considering how the government managed to secure the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

“There are a lot of challenges that have continued to affect different countries but Zambia has managed to put things in place in the midst of economic challenges which are very impressive,” Ms Halinen said.

Meanwhile, Diplomats accredited to Zambia have commended the government for the strong strides it has made in promoting peace and security in the country.

Finland Ambassador to Zambia, Saana Halinen observed that Zambia has for a long time now been a haven of peace in the region adding that other countries should follow suit.

Ms Halinen noted that Zambia has handled peace, security and democracy so well that even in the midst of global conflicts, the country is still stable.

ZANIS reports that Ms Halinen said this last evening on the sidelines of the 5th Corporates and Diplomats Gala Dinner held at Twangale Park in Lusaka.

“Zambia is in a very good position right now to share knowledge on how it has managed to deal with peace, security and democracy. So Zambia has a very prominent role to play in bringing this message of peace and democracy.” Ms Halinen said.

And the Czech Ambassador to Zambia, Pavel Prochazka said President Hakainde Hichilema made a strong stance in his speeches that there can never be development in any country if there is no peace and stability in the country.

Mr. Prochazka observed that the government has not only contributed peace in the country but also has been sending peacekeepers out there to ensure that peace in other countries is also maintained.

“Zambia has a strong stance when it comes to promoting peace, security and democracy and this can be evidenced by the conducive peaceful environment that we have continued to enjoy here and also the fact that government has continued to send peacekeepers to different countries to go and maintain peace,” Mr Prochaka noted.

Meanwhile, United States of America (USA) Ambassador to Zambia, Michael Gozales says Gender Based Violence is a subject matter not only in Zambia but also globally.

Mr Gozales observed that to fight GBV, a lot of sensitization is required by educating people on what behavior is acceptable.

“Service providers should be educated together with the general public including boys and girls on what respectfully and what is not respectfully adding that this will help reduce the number of GBV cases,” Mr Gozales said.


  1. Zambia has been through this before. Our economy since the advent of multi party democracy has been like a seesaw, when one side is enjoying boom the other is experiencing difficulties. That’s the time the term that the diplomats have forgotten to use now sets in. The trickle down effect. While capitalists see boom, we’re seeing difficult times ahead. What with the bungled FISP? Such talk ceased to excite us many years ago . At one time we used to hear about light at the end of the tunnel. We never saw it and didn’t realize when it was switched off

  2. The only people enjoying are these western diplomats themselves who are happy with the strings they are pulling. They are only excited when they have full access to stop us from thinking and doing things which would be beneficial to our people. Their own countries are facing the same turbulence but no one forces IMF policies on them…oh I forgot, they are the IMF. I wonder why African diplomats were excluded from this round table. We want to hear from them too because their opinion has more value.

  3. If you are expecting free PF handouts………..

    It ain’t happening with this president……….

    It’s about hard work for a better tomorrow…………

  4. The decor is awful and the room is too small to host such an event …please consult professionals when hosting such events

    • It should in fact be held in Mandevu or other such areas. Then they may understand the issues better than speaking from their palaces.

  5. How do you live with yourselves showing off your exquisite dining while the masses are dying of hunger, no medicine in the hospitals, overcrowded schools, loadsheding, joblessness, basically high cost of living. Instead of calling out the government for what it is, the diplomats are enjoying the good life with the same people inflicting pain on others. I would be embarrassed to attend useless galas knowing people are suffering. But then again, the rich don’t give a damn about the poor. Only good at giving false hope until death.

  6. Countries and peoples who are climbing out of poverty show great local innovation and industrialisation…………

    In places like India, China even parkistan , Bangladesh, Vietnam………….

    You witness amazing local road side and komboni industries , making and refurbishing and machining anything like car batteries, radiators , even flooring tiles being made without electricity………..

    All these have maths and science books translated into their local languages….

    For us , it’s only the bible that is translated into African languages…………..

  7. “Mr. Gonzales has attributed the projected growth of Zambia’s economy to what he termed as “excellent strategies and policies” that the government is implementing.”- LT

    Due to the United States government, our GRZ stayed afloat when Political parties never recognized the rule of GRZ.
    “The current government of Zambia wants foreign diplomats to be compliant, with open pocketbooks and closed mouths,” Foote wrote, noting that the US provides “$500 million in annual American, debt-free support to the Zambian people.”-CNN

    Zambian Living in the United States My investment is protected by the federal and state governments. Up to now, Zambia’s government has not addressed minority investments.

    • I’m sure you know that your investments won’t be treated the same. If a group of US citizens invest in Zambia they’ll enjoy many incentives that aren’t available to you the Zambian. This is why many Zambians living abroad are reluctant to invest in Zambia, and of course apart from being treated like criminals. They’ll only look to you when they’re fundraising for their campaigns. Our politicians have collectively done more to Zambia than any other citizens.

  8. Obviously not ignoring the fact that most commentators on this site are Wholly Baptized PF cadres but, imbwe mbwa mwe, let me also talk: @ Ayatollah above i will start with you: You claim that when one side enjoys , the other side suffers,ok, now; Give me a single name of a non PF cadre citizen that enjoyed life under PF last 7 years? which means if us citizens(Non PF) suffered & were killed(for the first time this happened in Zambia) ,according to your analogy it means the Diplomats enjoyed right? But wasnt it the American that was deported a Diplomat? Didnt equally other two or three countries close their Embassies in Zambia? Didnt FInland and Norway close their donor support to Zambia due to Corruption? You doomed go to hell!

    • How can I respond to a person like you? It’s only in the PF that a degenerate like you can be given a road contract or in the UPND you can be a commissioner at ECZ.

  9. Secondly: The other PF cadre above mentioned of suffering mu Komboni: So according to you the Diplomats must pretend to suffer also when their countries that pay them to work in Zambia can afford to pay for their Dinner every night (if they want) till pa sate(30). Now just because most Zambians are them mustnt enjoy their higher Dolar/Pound salaries from their countries as if you are the one paying for them. Arent these very Embassies the ones that sponsor you Boholes projects, your HIV programes. And worse even a borehole must be dug by a donor then what good are you Zambians? Only continuining living in slums, drinking and even your own toilets sometimes are dug by these donors(I worked for world vision and we had to dig pit laterines for our own people(The last thing ever that you want…

  10. Of course Diplomats live a luxury lives at the expense of poor Zambians…they’re in Zambia to help their countries loot our resources

    • The Chinese don’t like assertive governments who negotiate on their terms……………..

      The Chinese like corrupt weak governments who are able to swallow Chinese debt and conditions without discourse

  11. Criminals planning on how to continue stealing our mineral resources these are end results of putting a puppet in government.

  12. This statement about the Zambian economy looking ahead to better times would have made sense coming from our local enterprises. Anything coming from outside the country in form of FDI is indeed another layer to building a strong economy. But Zambia should invest in it’s local production capacity, otherwise all these words amount to nothing.

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