Friday, February 23, 2024

Mufumbwe council to repossess undeveloped plots


Mufumbwe Town Council in North Western Province will soon embark on the repossession of undeveloped plots  in the area.

Speakingin an interview in Mufumbwe today,  Town Council Public Relations Officer, Billy Chitila, said 103 plots have not been developed.

Mr Chitila said the undeveloped plots were discovered during the last plots audit exercise.

“There was an audit that was done by the Department of Planning Unit and they came across a lot of plots that were undeveloped from Zone A only,” he said.

Mr. Chitila said the Council’s Planning Unit found between 30 and 35 high cost, 53 medium cost, 26 low cost, three commercial and one  small holding plots that are undeveloped in Mufumbwe’s Zone A area.

He said the repossession will come in effect as per local government’s mandate to repossess plots that have not been developed over a specified period of time from the date of issuance.

“The council is mandated to repossess plots that have not been developed for a period of eight months from the date of issuing them to would-be developers,” he said.

Mr Chitila added that the repossession exercise will however not commence until a full council sitting on Friday this week.

“So once these issues are tabled in the full council meeting, then the repossession will start,” he said.

He added that the council will offer the plots to other would-be developers that urgently are in need of land once they are repossessed.

“We will repossess the plots and after that we will offer them to other developers that want them urgently,” Mr. Chitila added.

He said the local authority will extend the repossession exercise to other parts of the district such as Zones B and C as soon as land wrangles are settled in the said areas.

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