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PF members descend on Kabwe, Lodges are full as they come to bury Tutwa


Thousands of PF members have thronged the central town of Kabwe to witness the burial of Tutwa Ngulube, a prominent member of the former ruling party.

Mr. Ngulube who died on Saturday is due to be buried Wednesday at Old St Mary’s Cemetery in Kabwe.

As at 20:00 Hours on Tuesday, most of the Lodges in the city were full with some out of town mourners opting to sleep in their vehicles as they were no space at the House of mourning to accommodate them.

Former President Edgar Lungu is due to arrive in Kabwe on Wednesday morning to attend the burial.

The PF members kept vigil throughout the night with various PF choirs singing solemn songs.

Acting President Given Lubinda in addressing the mourners just before midnight urged them to maintain peace and order as they mourn Mr. Ngulube.

Mr Lubinda stressed that Mr. Ngulube’s death should unite the nation.

He said the deceased has left behind children and a large family that should be taken care of by those that loved him.

“We are here to mourn our brother, our lawyer and our Vice Chairman for Legal and as we do so, it’s extremely important that we maintain peace and order. This is not a place for noise and confusion,” Mr. Lubinda advised.

He added, “We are honouring Tutwa. This is not a political meeting and to all members of the PF, please let us know that Tutwa belonged to Zambia and as such, let us allow every Zambian to mourn Tutwa.”

Mr. Lubinda said the death of Mr. Ngulube is a major loss for the party and the nation but encouraged his members to be in the fore front to use the occasion to unite Zambia.

“Tonight, let’s keep vigil and pray and let’s praise God to have met Tutwa. Let’s come out in numbers to escort our brother and our Vice Chairman for Legal and our Lawyer.”

PF members with the casket holding Mr. Ngulube’s body in Kabwe last evening
PF members with the casket holding Mr. Ngulube’s body in Kabwe last evening


  1. I am sorry I couldn’t be there for our brother and the best lawyer in zambia. We will miss him and his wisdom. He caused upnd many sleepless nights. They can tamper with post mortem results and claim sexual boosters killed him but we all know that chi ugly oval head sent the orders to eliminate my lawyer

    • So it is true you and Tutwa were using sexual enhancing pills, no wonder he has left 23 children, KZ be mindful what information you spill here because you may just be embarrassing your late colleague.

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