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Bill on early access to benefits only applies to the members of the defunct Zambia National Provident Fund


The Ministry of Labour and Social Security has clarified that the assented National Pensions Scheme Amendment Bill No. 21 of 2022 by President Hakainde Hichilema on early access to benefits only applies to the members of the defunct Zambia National Provident Fund(ZNPF).

Minister of Labour and Social Security Brenda Tambatamba disclosed in a statement that the amendment allows ZNPF members to claim for age benefits by now, instead of waiting for the eligibility age of 50 years, as this amendment was done because the ZNPF assets have since been depleted resulting in payments of benefits made from the National Pensions Scheme Fund, adding that the amendment will allow for an early pay-off all defunct ZNPF members and closure of their accounts.

“One of the objectives of the assented Bill is to amend the National Pensions Scheme Act to provide for an option to claim for age benefits by a member under the pensionable age under the existing fund of the Zambia National Provident Fund,” she said

Ms Tambatamba explained that the Amendment Bill to do with early access of pension contributions for members of the National Pensions Scheme Authority – NAPSA is still being developed and will be introduced in Parliament once the drafting process has been finalised.

“Beyond the defunct Zambia National Provident Fund – ZNPF early access, Cabinet recently approved in principle, the proposal to amend the National Pension Scheme Act No. 40 of 1996 to allow for partial withdrawal of pension contributions for members under the National Pension Scheme Authority,” Ms Tambatamba mentioned

Meanwhile, the National Pension Scheme Authority – NAPSA has clarified that the assented National Pension Scheme Bill by President Hakainde Hichilema has revised the minimum age limit for one off early access to Zambia National Provident Fund – ZNPF benefit from 50 to 36 years.

Addressing the media in Lusaka this afternoon, NAPSA Director General Muyangwa Muyangwa explained that the revision of the minimum age limit required to access ZNPF benefits entails that all members who contributed to ZNPF between 1966 an 2000 and have not made a claim can now claim their benefits without waiting to reach the age of 50 years which initially required for one to access the benefits.

“The new law will facilitate for payment of all ZNPF members and allow for the closure of their accounts, and at first contact, members claiming ZNPF benefits will be required to present their original National Registration Card (NRC) for all self-claims, while for survivors’ benefits, the administrators of the estate of the deceased are to present the deceased’s original NRC, death record and order of appointment as administrator among other required documents, we have also developed ICT systems to allow ZNPF members to claim benefits online, this is aimed at giving our members an efficient service and help to decongest the customer service centers.” he explained

Mr Muyanga added that the Bill has also revised the penalty rate from 20 percent to 10 percent for delayed payment of contributions and this will apply to new penalties incurred after coming into effect of the new law.

He further explained that the new law further provides for a waiver of penalties on conditions that the Ministry may by statutory instrument prescribe.

“The conditions and eligibility for the waiver will be availed as soons as the regulations are passed, as works on the regulations have since advanced,” he said

Mr Muyangwa stated that the revision of the minimum age limit required to access ZNPF benefits entails that all members who contributed to the fund between 1966 and 2000 and have not made a claim can now do so without waiting to reach 50 years.


  1. When we say that there are so many idle passengers in the UPND government this is what we mean. We’re now being told about the defunct National Provident Fund when the President has consistently talked about NAPSA and the announcement from his office was about NAPSA. Didn’t his media team read the amendment? Besides that looks like a statutory instrument. It’s embarrassing

    • On this I agree with you, there is no way a government can error on such developmental issues, NAPSA is actually stealing monies in the name of contributions to the organization. They have built hotels and malls using people’s monies without any benefits to the people that have made it possible. This is daylight robbery in the name of NAPSA. Ma RUBBISH Useless government. Pissed Citizen

    • Few weeks ago information minister stated that the problem in government we have alot of an coordinated reports, this one will say this the other will say that its like its a party for every one for him self, now this report simply shows the head had no idea what he was signing. this is an embarrassment to the one who thought was signing the NAPSA bill on early access benefits.

    • If NAPSA wants to benefit from dead people ‘s money let them come in open and say so. People die in different ways. Some is through robbery, accidents etc. And NRC may also be casualties in such circumstances. But them want the Original NRC. Where can someone replace the dead person’s NRC? Be realistic and explain everything well to beneficiaries. And stop being rude to people who come to enquire on how to go about such tricky situations of NRC.

    • 1.1 The building of malls etc is part of investment to raise money to sustain pensions it is not robbery. I talk as a beneficiary. I get a decent monthly pension so I can assure you that your future will be okay unless something goes wrong.

    • Fire this useless Minister already…only thinking about their old bodies which almost extinct from earth by natural selection

  2. If you want to hide anything from a black man put it in writing ……UPND is just fooling Zambians….1966 to 2000 and we’re in 2022 kikikikiki and by the way most of the ZNPF beneficiaries are dead already…This Government is full of tricks

  3. I new this was another CDF scam. These people are still in campaign mode. They promise Heaven, their praise singers sing and dance and then the deliver Hell. From the start of this talk no one ever talked about ZNPF.

    • It’s a scam to you. People will be receiving real cash. Wait and hear people testify to drawing their benefits early.

  4. Kindly educate me when does the president accent or sign something into law? Before or after the concerned bill has been passed by parliament.

    • 6 December 2022 President HAKAINDE HICHILEMA has accented to the National Pensions Scheme Bill which provides for an option to claim for one off-age benefits by a member under the prescribed minimum pensionable age of 36 under the existing fund.

      President HICHILEMA’s accenting of the Bill is a fulfillment of UPND’s 2021 campaign commitment to undertake cross cutting NAPSA reforms

    • I hope this will help and sorry i didn’t read your question fully so the wrong answer
      A Bill is a proposed law and no Bill can become law without being passed by the
      National Assembly and assented to by the President.
      (a) First Reading
      The First Reading of the Bill is a formality. The Bill is presented and read for
      the first time. No debate takes place and the Speaker refers the Bill to a relevant
      Committee. The purpose of doing this is to subject the Bill to a detailed scrutiny and
      the Committee, thereafter, reports to the House.
      (b) Second Reading
      This is the most important stage in the legislative process of a Bill. At this
      stage, the principle behind the Bill is debated in detail. The Member responsible for
      the Bill reads a prepared speech which gives detailed explanations…

    • 5.3 Thanks but in future read carefully because you will even refuse to receive a check thinking it’s a water bill.

  5. Tje NAPSA bill is ill-framed and bound to fail the same way Bill10 flopped. So GRZ decides to issue a Statutory Instrument to save face instead. NAPSA is not ZNPF, but all assets and liabilities of znpf are in napsa.

  6. You were laughing at Lungu for signing the constitution without reading it. This time HAKAINDE also signed the bill he did not understand. Our learned president….kikikki

  7. Oh, la la, my vote was based on the fact that as a NAPSA member I thought I was eligible, I am completely thrown off balance now to learn that this is for ZNPF. Feeling like CK now, looking for a chemical to reverse things, remember he was looking for a chemical to reverse where he sung dununa reverse

  8. please clarify which people are going to benefit on this partial withdrawal is it those who contributed through ZNPF or anyone contributing through Napsa.

    • Beneficiaries are those who contributed to ZNPF who last last contributed in 2000.
      NAPSA members are not part of this benefit

  9. There is a confusion going on. As things stand now, There is no category of people or contributors that can be classified as ZNPF members or group. This is because at the creation of NAPSA or when the NAPSA Act was passed as law, ALL contributing members to ZNPF were automatically transferred to NAPSA. Today, those who contributed through ZNPF can not claim as ZNPF members although their contributions can be traced from ZNPF days. ZNPF ceased to exist upon enactment of NAPSA law. We are now all NAPSA members and can claim accodingly with the provisions of the law with little variations if any.

    • No they were not transferred to Napsa. Those who retired later on received a lump sum (NPF) and monthly pension for life (Napsa)

  10. The original Napsa Bill did not state what is stated in the signed statute.
    NAPSA contributors were supposed to draw 20% one off from the pension.
    But the rule has changed: only those who contributed to NAPSA via ZNPF should access full amount of money after reaching age of 36 years.
    When if so will workers draw 20% from NAPSA?

  11. HAHAHAHa remember I told you that hh is a natural born liar and crook. He was even celebrating on social media lying that this applied to everyone. Fuseke

  12. ok nice i did contribute from 1997 February to 2000 January. Am coming to collect what belongs to me. i have 4 years to 50. But with this changes bravo tomorrow am at ndola offices NAPS A



    • You will just waste your transport money. Ask the FISP and CDF guys how they are doing before making such a move. Very soon we will be having people sleeping in Bus Stations without any transport money going back and food because the information is very distorted and fake.

  13. I was just looking-ndoleloshafye..NAPSA cum ZNPF.

    Even the argument for change is very defective. First ZNPF has run out of its fund and secondly bring forward the closure that will cost K5b vs K7b by 2034. Our literacy- financial and debating frameworks is under test.

    For me the governement leadership is mesled by technocrats in this case someone at NAPSA is sleeping on the wheel. This move is misplace will backfire on NAPSA solvency.

    The ACTUAL NAPSA withdrawal amendment should sound a caution AHEAD.

  14. I was one of the architects of NAPSA that transitioned from ZNPF to NAPSA Act creating a fully fledged pension scheme in Zambia. My research thesis formed the basis on ‘The Need of A Comprehensive Pension Scheme in Zambia’. This was arrived at after establishing the non-exist of any pension scheme in Zambia with the exception of a few private pension schemes such as Sertunia Regin run by Anglo American and Overseas pension schemes established by the colonial authority for their staff living abroad or overseas. Three quarters of the NAPSA Act is part of my research study that provided some details such as inflation indexing on the residual and monthly instalment payments to reflect the true value of the members investment. The DG Mr Danny Musenge then transitioned to NAPSA from ZNPF…

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