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PF will not disintegrate after choosing a new Leader-Monde


AS THE Patriotic Front (PF) party prepares to go to the convention next year, one of the Presidential Aspirant is REPORTED to have allayed fears that the party will disintegrate after choosing a new Leader.

The critics are of the view that the PF is divided into 8 camps representing 8 different Presidential candidates.

BUT Greyford Monde who is in the running for the Party Presidency said the issue of coming back divided after the convention can NOT happen.

Hon Monde said having eight (8) candidates is not a sign of division but a representation of a strong and attractive party.

He said it is therefore worth putting on record that the party is stronger than any of the 8 candidates.

Hon Monde said the voice of the people at the grassroots level is to see the party united even after the convention hence he will support any candidate if he will not be elected.

“….. The issue of coming back divided can NOT happen. We now have 8 candidates because the party is attractive. Even in opposition, it was rare for a political party in opposition to attract such numbers. Others were just proposed or imposed. UPND in 2006 there was only Sakwiba Sikota and HH. After that it was HH all the way. Eight tells you that the party is stronger and that non of us are stronger than the party,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hon Monde said the PF rebranding process is on and that the Party is repentant to the issues the Zambian people detested.

He said the arrogance is no longer there and that some of the members who were not behaving accordingly are being moulded into better political players.

“We have been engaging our members to ask them why they were behaving like that. They are giving us responses. The arrogance people were talking about is now gone. We are interacting with a lot of people. We are taking seriously their submissions and we are hopping Zambians are going to give us another opportunity. We were trying to work on the economy and we neglected certain sectors,” he stated.

And Hon Monde has come to the defence of the Party nomination fees which were pegged at K200,000 for men and K100,000 for Women.

He said the fees were not meant to discourage the youth and women from participating but that the leader needed was one who is going to have the capacity raise a certain threshold of resources.

“It was part of the criteria, it must not be looked at as an individual contribution. The contribution could be sourced from different sources,” he said.

Hon Monde further stated that if there was a party that entrusted women with leadership positions is the Patriotic Front.

He said aside from being the first political party to appoint a woman as a vice President, the PF also appointed a female Chief Justice among other high ranking positions which were held by women.


  1. Everyone can bark now even this boy chancer Monde who ran away from the opposition for a Deputy Minister role due to hunger …these are the people aspiring for top position in PF…really laughable.

  2. We are stronger than ever and more united than upnd. I am happy to be united with my regina after meeting bond. Today my friends and family are visiting me. We are having a feast fit for a king while upnd cadres are starving

  3. PF will not disintegrate mainly because currently we have a conman and a tribalist as head of state. As if that is not enough, he has also messed up big time. He does not know what to do.

  4. Eeeishh, KZ still on bed rest, he needs to appear in court and police should not be hoodwinked by this criminal evil man. Divorced Tayali is pre-empting that KZ should not be killed – my foot, its not worthy, a criminal needs to be caged for public safety and peace in the nation.

    • Your hate and evil won’t take you far in life. You are a jealous individual. I don’t have time for people like you

  5. It was also the PS’s stinking tribalism that I found suffocating. 99% OF ALL SATA ANDLUNGU’S APPOINTMENTS WERE EITHER NYANJA OR BEMBA AT THE EXCLISION OF ALL OTHER ZAMBIANS. Look at the Bursaries committee awards, sometimes 100% were only Bemba. That Sata in his demented head takes two universities to Muchinga and curved ItezhiTezhi away from Southern province.

  6. The truth is PF cant find a replacement for Michael Sata. His charisma cant be matched by their present aspirants. Followers will keep comparing these pretenders to their late president and wont see any similarities. PF just swallow your fake pride and fold up.

  7. People speak better than individuals.Yes, individuals speak good and not better than people.Let people speak, and move forward.

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