Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Zimba police nab 3 health workers for theft


Police in Zimba district in Southern Province have arrested three health workers in connection with selling government drugs. The suspects are currently detained in police custody awaiting to appear in court soon.

The names of the three civil servants have been withheld in order not to jeopardise investigations. Both Zimba District Commissioner (DC), Robson Mulamfu, and District Director of Health, Chimuka Hankombo, confirmed the development to ZANIS today.

Mr Mulamfu and Dr Hankombo said in a separate interview that the incident occurred on Wednesday, December 14, 2022. They said it is not clear at how much money that the medicines were sold for.

Mr Mulamfu said the suspects were delivering drugs to Manyemunyemu rural health post but diverted on the way and allegedly sold the medicines. “Government is committed to providing drugs in our health facilities. Regrettably, selfish people are frustrating the efforts of the government. It is good the suspects were arrested awaiting court appearance,” he said.

And District Director of Health, Chimuka Hankombo, said the government will not tolerate the pilfering of drugs. Dr. Hankombo, who could not state the name of the drugs however said police managed to recover the medicines.

He said his office will soon act against the culprits whom he said were denting the image of government. “Government will not condone criminality and anyone who engages himself or herself will sternly be dealt with,” he charged.


  1. Its the rural population that is suffering very much from our corruption. These thugs were delivering drugs to a rural health post that severely needs muti. They feel it doesnt matter if the villagers die as long as they the thieves have some money in their pockets.

  2. Tough economic times under incompetent hh, leading people into desperation.

    I am at chicagos tonight. Come and say hello if you are a pf supporter. Any f00Iishness from upnd cadres will be met with force. You have been warned! Bang bang, I shot you down.


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