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Masebo reiterates resolve to end drug supply disruption


Minister of Health Sylvia Masebo has reiterated government’s resolve to address the issue of disruptions in the supply chain of drugs to improve the flow of medicines in health institutions in the country.

Ms Masebo said in line with the Abuja declaration, government has committed 15 percent of the 2023 budget to go towards the health sector in order to promote quality health care and service delivery to the people.

She said in a speech read for her by Technology and Science Minister, Felix Mutati, during the Zambia Medical Association Annual Ball and Awards Gala dinner in Lusaka last night.

The Minister added that government values quality health service delivery as there cannot be meaningful development without a robust health care system in the country.

Ms Masebo said to this effect, government is promoting the use of technology in the health sector in a bid to track down the pilferage of drugs before it reaches its intended destination.

She stated that technology is a catalyst to transforming the health sector as it cuts across all sectors of the economy.

Ms Masebo explained that the employment of over 11,000 health workers symbolises the seriousness government attaches to improving the health sector in the country.

“Government is doing everything possible to improve the health sector through various interventions such as the employment of health workers and an increase in the budgetary allocation to the health sector in the 2023 national budget,” she said.

And Zambia Medical Association President, Chrispin Moyo, has praised government for recruiting over 11, 000 health workers to enhance quality health care delivery service to the people.

Dr Moyo said adequate human resource is critical for the health of a country.

He observed that much as government is dismantling suppliers’ arrears, there is need to dismantle individual medical practitioners’ arrears that they are owed.

Dr Moyo added that government must also look into the issues of promotion of health workers to motivate them to work even harder in their work.

Meanwhile, in a vote of thanks, one of the veteran medical doctors, George Sinyangwe, called for humility among health professionals in order to restore confidence in the Zambian people that perceive them as heartless.

Dr Sinyangwe said attitude change among health workers is of paramount importance, adding that discipline is also critical for one to excel in the medical career.

During the same gala dinner awards, several organisations who render services to the Zambia Medical Association were awarded.

The Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) television channel was awarded for the best electronic media in the dissemination of health-related news.


  1. These are the issues HH should be taking charge of not hanging out with muzungus in Washington being parted on the back like a good coon!!

    • The ***** is you, saying “Muzungus”. You are a Muntu person. You know that there is not such things as “Muzungus”, the plural is “BaZungu”; and so the coon is you saying what your massa says. Secondly, the problems HH is trying to solve, were created by the people you supported borrowing irresponsibly from BaZungu. Thirdly, Sylvia Masebo is a representative of HH, who, as president, cannot be everywhere everytime to do everything. Sylvia Masebo, and every other minister, is working as a representative of HH

  2. When she dissolved the Central Board of Health, what followed was nondescript corruption and plunder of resources that led to donors withdrawing funding

  3. On Saturday at a wedding in Mufulira as people were complaining about lack of drugs in our hospitals, a party district official chipped in that it is the PF aligned civil servants that are doing this to frustrate the government……well I told him that since he knows this it means he knows at least one individual involved in this scam… why not report him or her to the relevant authorities….we are the ones suffering so we would be just glad to see such people flushed out of the system. Surprisingly he di not say anything further.

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