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Two Foreign Nationals fined in Kapiri for illegal entry


Kapiri Mposhi Resident Magistrate Arnold Kasongamulilo has fined two foreign nationals for illegal entry in Zambia.

Eric Pablo, 26, a Burundian national and businessman and Jorge Belmira, 32, a Mozambican national have been fined K 8,000 and K 7,000 , respectively, or three months in default respectively for entering in Zambia illegally.

The duo was arrested on 15th December 2022 at Luanshimba Security Check Point, along the Great North Road by immigration officers checking immigration requirement compliance on the travelling public.

Pablo, a Burundian national but resident of Sumba Wanga District, Tanzania, was found aboard a bus from Kabwe to Kitwe without any travelling documents legalizing his presence in Zambia.

On the other hand Belmira a resident of Matola area in Maputo, Mozambique was apprehended aboard a bus from Kasumbalesa, DRC, enroute to Mozambique with a Mozambican passport bearing number AB 1097380, but without an official endorsement for Zambia at the port of entry.

This is contrary to Section 12 (2) and 56 (1) of the Immigration and Deportation Act Number 18 of 2010 of the laws of Zambia.

The duo readily pleaded guilty to the offence. In mitigation, the duo pleaded with the court to repatriate them to their respective countries of residence pledging not to repeat the same offence.

But Magistrate Kasongamulilo noted that cases of illegal entry into Zambia have become common in Kapiri Mposhi and that the court has a duty to mete out stiff punishment to deter would be offenders.


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