Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Mkushi farmers appeal for speedy delivery of Urea fertiliser


Farmers in Mkushi District’s Musakamaba agricultural Camp have observed that the delay in the distribution of Urea fertilizer could lead to poor harvest in the area.

Speaking on behalf of the farmers, Jonas Kufwata of Fibanga said the delay in the distribution of inputs may result in household poverty as the year unfolds.

Mr Kufwata, who is village Headman as well as Misekelo Cooperative Chairperson, said there is need for Government to intervene and act promptly on the agency that has been accorded the Tender to distribute the fertilizer.

He said the farmers however commend Government’s agricultural policy of subsidizing small scale farmers with FISP program that is accented towards crop diversity through provision of maize, soya bean and groundnut seed.

The Headman said whilst there was no problem with the D-compound which had been distributed early last Month, the situation is worrisome with Urea as the most of maize is now waist length height.

“if the distribution of Urea fertilizer is delayed further, this would defeat the ideal phase for applying this input and it will then affect the harvest,” he said.

According to data obtained from Mkushi District Agricultural Coordination Office, the district has already received and distributed its 2,415 by 50kg bags of D-compound fertilizer allocation.

Similar quantity for Urea fertilizer is being awaited to cater for 16,101 FISP beneficiaries from the 2022—2023 exercise.


  1. Please please dont confuse commerical farmers with subsistence farmers…a commerical farmer does not queue for inputs or have time to sit on their hands waiting for them and rarely grows maize for sale but for stock feed because its an absolutely lossmaking crop the moment you buy the seeds you are in the red.

  2. Zambia needs to diversify from maize its a very political issue because the whole supply chain is corrupt favouring the elite and ruling party of the day.
    Look at our brothers and sisters in West Africa…they have Yam, Cassava, Plantain, Rice even Fufu: this West African staple (also known as foofoo, ugali, nsima, posho, and many other names) is an example of diversification it too resembles a fluffy dough ball like our nshima but its made from ingredients like pounded yam, sweet potato, cassava, taro, or maize.
    Why cant todays Politicans wake up and step up to fire start this revolution in our diet…crying about the same loss making unnutrious crop for decades.
    Wake up from your docility and guliiblity Zambians!!

  3. If you rely on upnd government you will continue waiting until yesu comes. Upnd has failed. Its not even 2 years and the people have had enough hahahaha. Chifundo. Vote pf in next election.

  4. The way things are going in Zambia very soon we will start importing maize and copper…ZAMBIA HAS BEEN TURNED INTO A BIG CIRCUS….remember Akef Egyptian Circus

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