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ZEMA urged to ensure that minimum environmental protection requirements


Government has directed the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) to ensure that minimum environmental protection requirements are adhered to through various statues.

This follows the environmental damage caused by United Trillion Company , a Chambeshi based company, responsible for the spillage of sulfuric acid waste in Luanshya’s Fisenge area.

Luanshya District Commissioner Oncemore Ng’onomo says his office is concerned that the said company is still removing the waste which should be treated and deposited at a designated protected hazardous waste dumping site in Ndola.

Mr. Mulenga in an interview with ZANIS on Tuesday said the situation should be put under control to avert any further damage to the environment.

“ We are concerned over the failure by the company responsible for the spilling of sulfuric acid in Fisenge area along the Ndola-Luanshya Road to remove the hazardous chemical waste.

“ We hope the company responsible for the spillage had naturalised the sulfuric acid spillage and protected the affected areas using barricades, “ he said.

Mr. Ng’onomo who was accompanied by Mayor Charles Mulenga, conducted a spot check of the site to monitor progress on the clearing of the hazardous chemical waste.

The visibly disturbed, Mr Ngonomo who was accompanied by Mayor Charles Mulenga said it was not fair for the Chambeshi based company to continue with what he termed as sluggish approach to the environmental hazards it is creating in the area.

Recently, a 35-tonnes United Trillion Company truck loaded with sulfuric acid from Chambeshi heading to Luanshya was involved in a road traffic accident when the driver failed to negotiate a corner on the road linking the Ndola-Kitwe dual carriage way and Luanshya town closed.

And the Company manager Kelvin Luo assured the District Commissioner that all the necessary measures to ensure that the spillage is naturalised have been put in place.

“ Experts from ZEMA and Synergy Environmental Services, an environmental protection consultancy firm were on site to give all the necessary advice as the treated spillage was being removed from Fisenge to the designated dump site, “ said Mr. Luo.

He observed that sulfuric acid spillage was dangerous to both human live beings and the environment.

According to the Environmental management Act 12 of 2011 , ZEMA is mandated to ensure and facilitate the safety, generation, pre-treatment, treatment, handling, transport, storage, disposal of and trade of hazardous products in a environmentally friendly manner.

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