Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Government calls for meaningful utilisation of old masala cemetery in Ndola


The government has urged Ndola City Council (NCC) management to apply for change of use of the old masala cemetery for other beneficial purposes.

Local Government and Rural Development Technical Services Permanent Secretary Nicholas Phiri says this is because parts of the old cemetery is vast and can be used for other developmental aspects.

Speaking when he visited the site in Ndola on Wednesday, Mr. Phiri said as government is confident in the private public partnership, there was need for the NCC to finalise the issue of surrounding of the said land.

“ If the land is not put to good use some people might encroach on it adding that it will be too late for the council to step in then, “ he warned.

The Permanent Secretary has further advised the local authority to engage the community and the relatives of the deceased buried at the said the cemetery before doing anything.

Once all is put in place the council should invite investors to partner with them and help develop what will be proposed by the people of Masala, Mr Phiri said.

The old masala grave site which has remained unused for over 50 years is now being used for agriculture purposes by the local people.


  1. If by any chance I become the President of Zambia..first thing will be reducing the Cabinet….cutting Cabinet into half while merging them and getting rid of others….then second thing will be deep cleaning all the cities,towns,Districts, Villages etc….then work on Energy…making sure Zambia has sufficient Electricity 365 days a year 24hrs a day….then deal with health and mines…and then youth unemployment…….strictly no Cadre appointments…no nepotism….no friendship appointments

  2. This cemetery was a white Jewish cemetery back in the day so as the whites left or died maintenance stopped, the other cemetery is where the rest of the population is buried.

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