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Arts can create jobs and wealth-Fumba


Government says it wants to use the arts and creative sector as an engine for job and wealth creation in Zambia

Ministry of Youth, Sports and Art Permanent Secretary Fumba Chama says the new dawn government wants Zambia to lead the region in creative and cultural sector expansion through knowledge acquisition and job and wealth creation.

Mr. Chama said government has put in place a draft national arts policy whose aim is to develop the arts and ensure that it contributes to the growth of the Zambian economy.

He said the creative industry plays a critical role in wealth creating opportunities for the country and that government is creating a conducive environment to catalyse the infrastructure in the arts sector.

Mr. Chama was speaking on Friday evening when he officially inaugurated the Lusaka Arts Contemporary Centre (LuCAC) situated in the New Chamba Valley area.

He said government expects art centres such as LuCAC to help foster innovation for the arts and culture and promote the exchange of ideas and research.

“The Government of the Republic of Zambia expects art centres like LuCAC to play a critical role in fostering innovation for the arts and culture. We expect LuCAC to create opportunities for both artists and art lovers to participate in the production and enjoyment of the arts. LuCAC should help nurture the arts community for cultural development in the country,” Mr Chama said.

He continued, “Government stands ready to discuss and openly engage in contemporary issues affecting our lives, traditions and culture.”

Mr Chama said the arts industry intersect to create opportunities for impact and growth in the Zambian economy.

And LuCAC Founder and Director Victor Mutelekesha said the setting up of the Centre will help the world to access creative information about Zambia through research and promote critical thinking and expand opportunities for artists in Zambia.

He said the project which was his brainchild has become a reality through the support of many individuals and organizations in Zambia and abroad.

“This could not have been a reality today if it weren’t for the help and support of many people some of them have travelled miles and miles to be with us this evening and attend the launch. We are a collection of great artistic mind and this great human resource is what makes LuCAC special and unique,” Mr Mutelekesha said.

LuCAC Head Curator Karen Reini delivering her remarks during the inauguration of the Centre on Friday evening.
LuCAC Head Curator Karen Reini delivering her remarks during the inauguration of the Centre on Friday evening.

The inaugural exhibition for LuCAC opened Wednesday and is curated by Zambian born Norwegian Art Historian Karen Reini.

The exhibition is titled Prospice, Kwacha! and has brought together four artists namely Banji Chona, Sana Ginwalla, Daut Makala and Germain Ngoma, each with their own hybrid Zambian identities and unique relationship with the dynamic crossroads of Lusaka.

“Prospice”, the Latin motto of Lusaka’s coat of arms meaning “look forward”, was chosen by the colonial government to signal their ambitions for the young capital’s future.

“Kwacha”, meaning “it has dawned” in several local languages, was selected by the newly independent Zambian government as a beacon on the currency of the bright days ahead for the newly formed nation.

Prospice, Kwacha! is running from 6th of January 2023 to 17th of December 2023.

Art enthusiasts enjoying the inaugural LuCAC exhibition title Prospice, Kwacha!
Art enthusiasts enjoying the inaugural LuCAC exhibition title Prospice, Kwacha!


  1. You can’t have wealth creation without power. First faka pressure pali uninterrupted power so that the foundations for the arts are solid. You can’t have Zallywood without power. It can’t happen.

  2. You a lot on your plate Pilato to prove the doubters wrong on the confidence bestowed on by his excellency………

    We we say……….

    work after work……..

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