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Zambian Health Minister Vows to Address Medicine Shortages in 2023 through Supply Chain Improvements


Zambian Health Minister Sylvia Masebo has announced plans to focus on unblocking barriers in the supply chain of medicines and medical supplies. This announcement came during a meeting with Egyptian Ambassador to Zambia Moataz Anwar, who brought a message of cooperation and goodwill from the Egyptian government to the Zambian government in the health sector.

Minister Masebo acknowledged the need for Zambia to learn from other African countries that are performing well in the health sector, specifically mentioning Egypt. She welcomed the initiative of exchange programs between Zambian medical specialists and their Egyptian counterparts, to share knowledge and address areas of need.

The Egyptian Ambassador to Zambia, Mr. Anwar, also expressed his commitment to continuing collaboration between the two governments. This partnership aims to improve access to medicines and medical supplies for the people of Zambia and improve the country’s overall health outcomes.

The issue of medicine shortages has been a persistent problem in Zambia, and Minister Masebo’s pledge to address this issue in the coming year is welcomed news for the country’s citizens. The collaboration with Egypt, a country with a strong track record in the health sector, bodes well for the success of this initiative.

In summary, Zambia’s Health Minister Sylvia Masebo said that one of the main focus area of the ministry in 2023 is to unblock barriers in the supply chain of medicines and medical supplies. This came during a visit by the Egyptian Ambassador to Zambia who brought a message of good will and cooperation from the Egyptian Government to the Zambian Government in the health sector. the minister Welcomed the initiative of exchange programmes between Zambian medical specialists and Egyptian counterparts to share knowledge in areas of need.


  1. Madam, you cannot address a non-existent problem- Veep has already told us that there is no shortage of medicine.

    • Kikikikikikijukija great point. They unsay and then say depending on circumstances. Lies lies lies.

      By the way all institutions of Govermment including all Ministries are in effect in double h’s pocket. He is the spokes person of all these functional structures. He is the saving serving president. Save in order to build national treasury. Who are you madam Tembo masebo for us to listen to you?

  2. Now which shortage of medice is the Minister talking about when the vice President said there’s no shortage of medicine in Zambia…..UPND is becoming increasingly dangerous every day that passes….contradicting themselves…..thats the problem when you have liars in as leaders

  3. Nalumango said we have enough medicine….Zambians on the ground going to Hospitals are saying there’s no medicine…Minister of Health is saying there’s no medicine…..another government official is asking Zambians to buy their own medicine from commercial outlets….UPND IS USELESS

  4. It’s difficult to understand and appreciate wheather there is a problem with supply of drugs or not. One minute the minister disputes the problem another minute she alludes to the problem. Furthermore upnd led parliament comes up with a report which highlights the problem but the same parliament shoots it down. The VP visits health institutions in lusaka and disputes shortage of drugs in hospitals. So what do you want us to believe?

  5. I thought the vice president says there is no shortage but a communication problem between nurses and patients. This communication problem needs to be addressed by Chushi Kasanda. This is similar to the case of load shedding being the thing of the past. Do we have normal and serious people running this country?

  6. We miss Dr Chitalu Chilufya. He had set up very good systems in the ministry of health. But this overzelous Maseo who know nothing has destroyed everything leading to these shortages, Just humble yourself and call CHITALU to come and help you. INSONI E BUNTU MAYO

  7. Love her or not, very hard-working Minister this Masebo lady. Confronts issues spot on and calls a spade a spade. Even under PF we did not have medicines and for a long time at times. So nobody should want to paint the PF picture rosy on account of memory lapses

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