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HH to Attend Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, Discuss Clean Energy Solutions and Strengthen Bilateral Ties with UAE


President Hakainde Hichilema of the Republic of Zambia is set to travel to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, at the invitation of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the United Arab Emirates. The trip, which takes place from January 15th to 17th, 2023, is in order to attend the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW).

As the chair of the Africa negotiation team in the lead up to COP28, the ADSW provides an opportunity for Zambia to share ideas with other like-minded nations and institutions on sustainable renewable energy that resonates with the existing global climate change issues. In addition, President Hichilema has been invited to participate in a high level panel discussion on the topic “Enabling Africa to Become a Clean Energy Powerhouse”.

The invitation is not only a demonstration of the growing relations between the two countries, but also provides an opportunity to initiate new as well as operationalize existing cooperation agreements. The undertaking, which has come at a time when Zambia is faced with an energy deficit, will also set a platform for the head of state to unlock opportunities for increased investment in renewable and alternative sources of energy in Zambia and by extension, address the perennial electricity deficits.

President Hichilema has also lined up engagements with key UAE-government owned institutions that have expressed interest to cooperate with Zambia in strategic economic sectors, including energy, mining, finance, hospitality, agriculture and logistics. In addition, President Hichilema is scheduled to pursue opportunities and support for MSME’s that will augment the government’s existing effort to stimulate private sector growth.

President Hichilema is focused on identifying opportunities and leveraging such opportunities to the betterment of Zambia. In this regard, he will continue to engage with key strategic partners such as the UAE in a bid to grow the country’s economy, thus creating the much needed employment opportunities for the youth and improve living standards for all Zambians.

The President is expected to depart the UAE immediately after his engagements. The press statement was released by Hon. Stanley K. Kakubo, M.P, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.


  1. He is off to sign more dodgy contracts because this meeting can be done via a zoom call. Next stop will be London where he will brief his bosses about progress on self distraction. At least in his defence, Zambia is playing its part in saving the environment by load shedding for up to 12 hours a day. That’s a huge achievement for this Government.

    • Have you noticed that this UK based alias always posts about the UK based Impostor…this sad chap will do anything to troll on this website!!

  2. Please take GARY NKOMBO with you . This guy is up to no good. Should not be left in the country when you are away.

  3. Here we go again….HH now just being a typical African Politician…..AFRICAN LEADERS CAN ONLY SEE THE MISERY AND SUFFERING OF THEIR CITIZENS WHILST IN OPPOSITION….More tax payers money wasted….You will never see Scandinavian leaders travel like African leaders ……African leaders travel with huge a entourage just to go and sign nonsensical non starter so called investments….and we failing to mend potholes and find alternative trading spaces for street vendors

  4. This President is a conman one way he is saying he is not getting his salary and the other hand he is spending double the money on all these international trips which are not productive just photo shooting

  5. A country failing even to mend potholes….failing to provide electricity…failing to keep cities clean…..and you think you can do business with the Emirates..unless it’s HH’s personal business nothing to do with Zambia but ofcourse praise singers will disagree

  6. HH is swift to attend all these events to read speeches in front of the muzungus but he doesnt know what they mean for him its an opportunity to beg for money from the West to assist Africa with sustainablity…the same man was at Maamba Collieries last week asking them to up production in the thermal plant,

  7. HH to Discuss Clean Energy Solutions? He should stay home and Discuss Clean streets in Lusaka, Solutions to cholera and Strengthen Bilateral Ties with the electorate

  8. Globetrotte whle in power. Enjoy life Bally, the fixer.

    2026 , the choice will be ” Bally or Frog” and my vote goes to Frog.

  9. When is the man in office ? next france. now i believe that talk is cheap when in opposition they use to say ECL flys too much he is wasting tax payers now the wise are doing is it not wasting tax payers. they use to tell us no international trips we will be using ambassadors what has changed?

  10. Nemivotele ine. The boy is just moving up and down like a kite. He has failed to find a lasting solution to loadshedding. He is a total failure. The worst president ever. Just speaking the queen’s language with no pragmatism at all. He is remaining with 2 years in between before he is kicked out. Endelepo chalimo!!!

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