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A grade five pupil Commits suicide in Mafinga district


A 14 year old boy of Benyama village in Chief Muyombe’s Chiefdom of Mafinga district in Muchinga Province has committed suicide by hanging himself using fiber rope.

Muchinga Province Deputy Commissioner of Police, Stephen Mayoko who confirmed the development to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in press statement today, said Maybin Musukwa who was a grade five pupil at Katanga Primary School was discovered dead 20 meters away from his parents house by his brother Brighton Musukwa on 16th January 2022.

Mr. Mayoko said that the incident was reported to the Police by John Kaira 34, a member of the Community Crime Prevention Unit (CCPU) of Katanga village.

“We received a phone call from a member of the CCPU in Katanga village who reported that a 14 year old had committed suicide,” He said.

Mr. Mayoko explained that the juveniles parents had left home on 15th January to go and attend a relatives funeral in Mphalasa village and left their daughter in law to look after the children.

He said that the following day in the morning, Maybins sister in law asked the children to go and fetch water but that the boy refused.

Mr. Mayoko explained that the juvenile picked up a quarrel with his siblings after he used their water which he had refused to fetch earlier and that he got unruly and violent and started insulting his sister in law, adding that he left home and did not return.

He said that upon their return, the parents who where informed about the incident decided to conduct a search for their son who had not returned home after leaving earlier that morning, adding that it was then that he was found hanging to a tree.

He said that police visited the scene and that the family has been advised to bury the body and mark the grave adding that an inquiry file has been opened.


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