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HH is all bark and no bite, Kalaba criticizes the UPND Government


The Citizens First Party (CFP) president, Mr. Harry Kalaba, has criticized the current leadership of Zambia for failing to adequately address the issue of load shedding. Speaking to the media on current load shedding, Mr. Kalaba said, “IF WE had interrogated the current leadership enough and sought an explanation to the open statement of “Bally Will Fix It,” we would have avoided the current situation we are faced with today.”

Mr. Kalaba notes that it is apparent from the leadership’s lack of action that “he is all bark and no bite” and that Zambians are in for a “long remaining three years filled with incompetence at the heart of government”. He adds, “It is shocking that people who misled President Hakainde Hichilema concerning load shedding are still in office.”

Mr. Kalaba highlighted serious weaknesses in the UPND government that are too evident to ignore. He reminded President Hichilema how while in opposition he used to claim that a lot of the challenges the country was facing were because of a lack of leadership.

“The recent admission by the Zesco board chairman that they misled the President has further shown the extent of the problem. Never in my living years have I seen an individual admit that they misled the Head of State and remain in post. Despite his taking on of the blame, we know that the chairman is far removed from the day-to-day operations of Zesco, which begs the question was he too misled by the management of Zesco? It is shocking that given the embarrassment that has befallen the President following his numerous comments, first on how he would end load shedding prior to being elected and second that he had ended it within eight months of being in office, so many of the people who told him it was over remain in office. The list of people who could have misled the President is endless. The Minister of Energy [Peter Kapala], the permanent secretaries at Ministry of Energy, his advisers at State House and the entire Zesco senior management who are all still in their positions. When one looks back regarding Zesco, it seems the President has been misled for a long time,” he said.

Mr. Kalaba said the current power crisis leaves many questions unanswered as the problem and the possibility of load shedding was known by engineers early last year. He said, “It would seem that individuals in the current government were so desperate to claim that load shedding had ended that they ignored all the warning signs.”

Mr. Kalaba charged that the current water levels of Kariba dam show serious recklessness on the part of those who manage the electrical system. He said, “The Kariba Dam was meant in part to provide storage of water to allow for continuous generation of electricity even in years when there was low rainfall. Given what is pertaining today, the dam has now lost its storage capability as every year the water that will flow into the dam will be used for generation in the current year and will in the foreseeable future lead to load shedding annually.”

In conclusion, Mr. Kalaba called on the government to take responsibility for the current power crisis and to take necessary measures to address it. He also called for those who misled the President to be held accountable for their actions. He said, “I urge the President to take immediate action and hold those who have misled him accountable for their actions. We cannot continue to suffer while they remain in office.”



  1. No one misled Hichilema, he misled himself and want others to take responsibility. He chose to export power at the expense of Zambians. To him money is everything. We’ll see how many votes that money will give him. He chose to save USD154M at the expense small scale farmers that depend on FISP, we’ll see how many votes USD154M will give him. It’ll take time to heal these wounds.

  2. Zero and Boring from Kalaba, who when was foreign minister went globe trotting and brought zero for Zambia – legacy, resigned when about to be arrested for corruption.

  3. There isn’t a better feeling than making love to your own wlfe. I don’t understand why anyone would choose to cheat on their personal baby.

    Upnd you are making it hard for us to sleep with our wlves. How can you make love in the dark. We appreciate that your upnd wlves are ugly so darkness benefits you. Should we be thankful for reduced load shedding? Fuseke barfikarla x

  4. Kikikiki about White people’s dogs Imbwa shabasungu tashisuma iyoo. -We who grew up stealing mangoes from mayadi we all know this

  5. The Problem with Africans in General is that we are so gullible…for those of you diasporans doing business in Zambia or investing in Zambia you will bore witness that HH is “ALL BARK NO BITE”…..and praise singers are so brainwashed such that someone travels overseas spending US$ 10 million taxpayers money on a single trip just to sign a MOU and that’s enough to sing praises and dance all night….”IF YOU WANT TO HIDE ANYHING FROM A BLACK MAN JUST PUT IT IN WRITING”

  6. Mr Kalaba you very well how this country have been distroyed by your relatives and that’s why you decided to leave, give president HH chance of work till 2031.

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