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Chibamba Kanyama appointed Zambia’s Ambassador to Washington


Economist and Journalist Chibamba Kanyama has been appointed as Zambia’s 18th Ambassador to the United States of America.

Mr Kanyama who is also Managing Consultant at Bridges Limited, a firm he founded will take up his new role by March 2023.

His appointment was confirmed in a congratulatory message posted by Bridges Ltd on Facebook.

Mr Kanyama who is supposed to also concurrently be accredited on a non-residential basis to Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, and Panama, will take over from Mr. Lazarous Kapambwe who has served since January 2020.

Before taking up this appointment as the 17th Ambassador to the United States of America, Mr. Kapambwe served as Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Zambia to the United Nations in New York from 18 June 2007 to 31st December 2019.

Prior to the United Nations, he served as Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia and the African Union, from June 2003 to June 2007. He was concurrently accredited as Ambassador of Zambia to Sudan, Yemen, Djibouti and Somalia. Before holding that post, he was Permanent Secretary of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs from 2002 to 2003, after serving as Deputy Permanent Secretary responsible for Asia, Africa and the Middle East from 2000 to 2002. He was the Director for Africa and the Organization of African Unity Affairs from 1996 to 2000, after two months as Director for European Affairs from June to August 1996.

He held numerous additional diplomatic and government posts prior to this time.

Mr. Kapambwe obtained a bachelor’s degree in political economy from the University of Zambia, where he studied from 1977 to 1981. He has a post-graduate diploma in international relations from Nairobi University, Kenya, which he attended from 1985 to 1986, and received a certificate in contemporary American politics from New York University in May 1988.


  1. So who is this Kapambwe that you dedicated most of writing to him rather than your subject matter Chibamba’s appointment? Congratulations Chibamba.

    • I think LT wants to show you the mis-match in terms of qualification & experience between the current post holder and the incoming & then you can do your own speculation as to why the change is being done

  2. Huge congratulations to President HH for the great appointment and exceptional choice for Xzambia and Africa at the UN including LDCs

    • These so called Zambian motivational speakers/ Entrepreuers ..everyday they are preaching to you to go it alone…really laughable but the minute they through them a small bone they jump and leave their businesses and yourselves…there is another one in Australian embassy from Canada where he had a “successful” law firm

  3. This article is a slap in the face of Chibamba Kanyama because the person he’s going to replace seems to be more qualified for the job. Why would Chibamba abandon his business for a job in the civil service? The Tonga, Lozi, Lubale and Kaonde have now taken over Zambia’s foreign missions. If I were Chibamba I could have turned down this appointment. Why not apply for a job at ZNBC?

    • Why should he go back to ZNBC as if anything has changed at that institution…as a businessman he can never turn down such a platform to network but I can assure you he will resign after he gets his contacts to take him to the next level. He did it at ZNBC and IMF…these positions should be awarded to Civil servants not people HH wants to silence.

    • Chibamba is going to the US to work as an Ambassador and not to make business contacts or promote Bridges Ltd. Jobs borne of out political patronage have now become toxic in Zambia. Chibamba can go to the US now but will he enjoy his retirement? He might be dumped like human dung soon. Anyway I wish him well

    • Ayatollah – As an ambassdor he will network with US Senators and Congressmen…every event he will be invited given that HH is in the good books with old Joe and Harris. Chibamba is not the boy Chellah to be dumped like human remains …he has businesses to fall back on. HH is using appointments to silence noisemakers

  4. I agree with you ayatollah. The person that chibamba is replacing is far qualified for that Job in all fairness. The problem with our dear president who I voted for is that he looks at faces when appointing than credentials. No wonder we have an incompetent cabinet and PS’s

  5. This is just another appointment to chat up Chibamba Kanyama a few weeks ago he wrote an article and put one chap who responded to him in shame by his professional manner. LT how do you put someone’s company in the photo I hope they are paying you if not this is why you will never move to another level. I think this appointment should have gone to someone who deserves it for Chibamba Kanyama this will be just a platform to network and grow his busiiness after a few years he will resign. Surely what would he want sitting in an office in DC pushing a pen and attending events apart from networking.

  6. The person who Chibamba is replacing is qualified for the job? And what did all those useless qualifications bring you? Not even a single contract from Amelica during the time of this foolish qualified mediocre of yours. Instd our trade with the US was even at its low, the PF stoogie was just busy showing dancing in Casinos these scaring people in those casinos of his qualifications. Even kawala Mwamba was more productive in Ethiopia & South Africa than this clown.We cud see bring INvestors from SA & recently Christine Kaseba brought Investors from France.And this qualified ***** of yours?

  7. This slave mentality is the very reason that we ve been importing oil on Private jets from Saudi Arabia & Russia yet Angolan behind us here refines oil and cheaper. Its because we believed in larger than life figures ” Instd of starting your own small company but you want to work for Total or BP garages the same people that import everything into Zambia. Now bring that Kampabwe of yours for a debut on any Political or Economical issues with Kanyama and then we rate their sense of reasoning and you will see who is best suited for this job, and by far, yourselves will see that gap. In Zambia, now, its not what you know/who you know or how experienced you are – all that is useless. Its ” what can you do”. & “how long” & “Quality”.

  8. Leaving Bridges Ltd, a company that he started for ambassador appointment tells you he does have a passion for his company. No wonder we don’t have Zambian millionaire entrepreneurs

  9. What is wrong with us Africans you mean we can not have an embassy in Jamaica our brothers and sisters …what is the Brazil embassy for why doesnt it cover South America?

  10. Next you will hear that Lubinda Haabazoka has been given a position in Russian embassy all the foool has to do is make so much noise through witing articles day and night.

  11. Now it is time to appoint Dr Cosmas Musumali, the Secretary General of Mmembe’s Socialist Party as Zambia’s ambassador to North Korea. kikikikikikiki
    Dr Musumali has been very quiet.

  12. Chibamba Kanyama is better suited for the new job than Mr Lazarous Kapambwe who in any case, has gone beyond retirement age. Mindset of some Zambians is mindboggling including LT poor journalistic ethics. The subject matter is of obita-dicta than old Lazarous Kapambwe who has lived his useful dates as a civil servant. Let LT carry out a serialised personal profile of Chibamba Kanyama to balance it with that of Lazarous Kapambwe for the public to be well informed.

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