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The Challenge of Succession in Former Ruling Parties




  1. Pastor Mumba us in the PF we have the humble one he is not power hungry he is man of the people.He is enjoying his retirement and will continue putting the people of Zambia first .we love ECL our father. Of the nation.We continue to pray for his good health

  2. Just leave the party and stop wasting people’s time Mr 0 votes. Its people like you who have ruined it for the youths of this country. MMD was once a vibrant party until you took over.

  3. I like you Dr. Mumba, but you have lamentably failed. And MMD under you appears headed nowhere. So, please step aside and let someone else try it out.

  4. I have a very serious question…people like Nevers Mumba, Chilufya Tayali, Sean Tembo, Harry Kalaba, Chishimba Kambwili etc…where do they get the money to make ends meet and pay bills like everyone else…they are not employed by anyone as far as I know… they secretly eat from the ruling party or are they beggers because I don’t think MMD or any other ruling party has any revenue

    • To be fair, most of them have businesses but their businesses rely on the contacts within the circles of government. Its for this very reason that an ordinary person in Zambia would struggle to tender for work but these vuvuzelas can sniff what’s on the ground from kilometres away.

  5. Nervers Sekwila Mumba is the reason the MMD can never return to power. Nervers assumed the MMD Presidency on the strength of his lies that he was going to bring into the Party Canadain Dollars form his friends, it never happened. Nervers has resisted intra MMD elections. His 2 x 5yr terms have lapsed but he’s still resisting an elective MMD convention. He doesn’t want elections. He’s illegally clining to power for selfish reasons. If Chipota Mutati were allowed to lead the MMD its prospects could’ve improved. However, a gathering of more 3,000 delegates was declared illegal by a questionable court judgement. Now time has caught up with Nervers. Please talk about when you’re going to hand over power to the next person, not ifi.

  6. Spa tapali na challenge..
    You are the stumbling block. What’s so difficult in returning to your home and let other people take over the party? Challenge yakwisa?

  7. If all these so called “opposition leaders” had regular 9 to 5 jobs Zambia could have been a developed country…but now all these grown men just survive on handouts and nichekeleko….Nevers Mumba always wants to eat with whoever is in power

    • He was a sworn enemy of the MMD. He a lot of time on znbc tv where he foresaw a civil war if MMD won the election. But unprincipled as he is he became Republican vice president under the MMD and eventually its president.

  8. Please if you are going to post a video…tell us in a few words what it’s all about…not everyone has time and money to upload videos. Gpong by the headline Nevers is the last person to be talking about succession anyway.

  9. You may hate or love him; he’s giving you the PF good advice, you either ignore at your own peril or take it and bounce back, maybe. Thanks Dr Mumba for infusing morality in our politics. God bless Zambia.

    • Charity begins at home. If PF dies it doesn’t mean the end of Zambia. We have other parties in fact more than necessary.

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