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Police retrieve body of six year old girl who went missing from class


Police in Kawambwa have retrieved the body of a six year old child who went missing after her teacher allegedly chased her for crying in class.

Luapula Province Police Commissioner, Gloria Mulele has confirmed that the body was found floating on Saturday.

Ms Mulele said the body of the girl whom she identified as Precious Kaunda was seen floating on Ng’ona River by three boys who were fishing along the river who later informed their parents.

She said police received the report from Alex Monga of Polo Village that the body had been found floating on the river.

The Police Commissioner said Police rushed to the scene of crime and managed to retrieve the body which was in a decomposed state.

Ms Mulele stated that upon conduct a search, police found a school bag, pant, half pair of shoes, pencil, pair of socks and struggling marks.

She further said physical inspection of the body revealed that the lower and upper lips, part of the nose and private parts were removed.

Ms Mulele said the body was taken to Kawambwa District Hospital Mortuary where postmodern was conducted to ascertain the cause of death.

She said according to the Doctor’s findings, the girl died due to excessive bleeding and shock.

The Police Commissioner disclosed that the body was later handed over to the relatives for burial as police have continued with investigations as they suspect a foul play.


  1. Teaching young children requires a special kind of teacher. In this case the teacher did not bother to find out why the girl was crying. She was just ordered out of the class. It’s a really sad story.

  2. As much as the teacher blundered these backward ritual killers have no place in our modern day society. Police must do the job and find them. In a small place like Kawambwa they can be found and arrested in a week.

  3. We should not be politicising even hot issues like this one.. the teacher also never new chasing her out would bring death..sad story indeed..

    • Dont conclude so fast. The teacher may have set her up knowing if she chased her from class she would fall prey to her accomplices. Im not saying thats what happened but in an investigation you leave all possibilities on the table until you have disproved them

  4. Incompetence on the teacher why can’t she be like a mother.just crying ,costing a suspension.to six year old grade one.please!!!!!

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