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The signing of the Lobito Corridor Transit Transport Facilitation Agreement to unlock the business potential along the corridor


The Minister of Transport and Logistics in Zambia, Hon. Museba Frank Tayali, has announced his optimism that the signing of the Lobito Corridor Transit Transport Facilitation Agreement (LCTFA) will unlock the business potential along the corridor. This agreement, which involves the Republic of Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Republic of Zambia, aims to boost private sector investments, create jobs, and foster economic growth in the three countries through the effective participation of small and medium enterprises in the various value chains.

According to Hon. Tayali, the agreement will also ease the movement of people, goods, and services, as well as improve and stimulate regional connectivity and integration through the implementation of harmonized trade facilitation instruments. For Zambia, the Lobito Corridor offers an alternative strategic outlet to the Western and European export markets, and a key route to the sea port of Lobito on the Atlantic Ocean. The corridor also links the mining companies in the Copperbelt and Northwestern Provinces of Zambia to the Western sea part of Africa, which are major mining areas that produce and export various minerals such as copper, cobalt, nickel, and manganese.

The Minister also noted that the Zambian government has requested for land at the Port of Lobito for use as a dry port, and is committed to contributing funds for the operationalization of the agreement. However, he emphasized the need for the member states to ratify the agreement in order to enter into force and reminded them that the mere signing of the agreement without actualizing its content and aspirations will be futile.

The Minister urged all three governments to put in funds into the Lobito Corridor in order to establish the operations of the secretariat and ensure the smooth running of the Corridor Management Institution (CMI). He also reiterated the urgent need to constitute the governing organs and structure of the Lobito Corridor in order to actualize the quick implementation of the agreement.

The signing of the Lobito Corridor Transit Transport Facilitation Agreement is a significant step in unlocking the business potential in the region and fostering economic growth in the three member countries. The agreement aims to ease the movement of people, goods and services, and improve regional connectivity and integration. The Zambian government, as well as the other member states, is committed to contributing funds for the operationalization of the agreement and the establishment of the secretariat.


  1. As Govt pushes for these agreements they should also study why previous efforts failed. The biggest hurdle why the MMD failed to revive the Benguela rail was the planted landmines in the corridor, apart from instability in the DRC. Has Tayali looked at how he’s going to address the issue of mines? That isn’t a small task. It doesn’t make sense to sign new agreements when old one haven’t been executed. I’d rather we look at the challenges that previous attempts faced before we make new efforts. The UPND want to make it look as if there has never been any attempts to do what they’re doing. Learn to consult as we’re ready to give you free advice. Get to Aljazeera and search for documentaries on Northern Angola

  2. I wish journalists would not just stand , pen and paper in hand taking notes as the minister speaks but would also ask questions such as the ones you have asked. It could well be that the issues you have raised have been considered and if not, it would help the discourse to point it out. Our journalists need to up their game.

  3. This has been signed several times before…. like above why has it not worked? Here’s a group of people calling itself government of the republic of zambia whose forecast legacy will be a pile of MoUs

  4. Yawn, nothing new here. Sign an agreement, says to the otherrs that they have to ratify for this to come into effect. Another wasted opportunity, the globe trotting will continue as always. I will echo the works of Ayatollah, lets revist the old agreements, send Mutati and Minister of Green Economy to patch them up since they don’t have any logical jobs in Zambia. Neighbouring country produces oil but we keep getting from middle East, UPND has opportunity to make a difference but this approach will not take us anywhere.

  5. The Benguela Railway which was constructed to start from Ndola and traverse through Condo DR to Angola was historically rendered obsolete by (i) the political instability in Congo DR and (ii) sabotage due to disputes between MPLA and UNITA. Taking into account the Union-instigated disruptions of traffic in South Africa, Zambia needs a safe route to Lobito Bay. In this regard the Benguella Railway should run through Zambian territory from Ijimbe via Mwinilunga, Solwezi up to Chingola. Congo DR can link to this line from Kolwezi to Solwezi. Economic benefits for North-Western Province a massive.

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