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President Hichilema commends SDA for partnering with Govt to develop Zambia


President Hakainde Hichilema has applauded the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) for partnering with Government in bringing development to the Zambian people.

President Hichilema says the church has been instrumental in complimenting Government’s efforts in the health and education sectors among others.

Speaking at State House when visiting president of the General Conference of the SDA church Ted Wilson called on him, President Hichilema acknowledged the work of the church in undertaking tasks which are primarily the role of Government.

The Head of State said Government has made a clear stance to be working with the body of Christ as partners in development

“We want to thank the church for their work in the health space. The church (SDA) together with other churches, the Catholics, New Apostolic, United Church of Zambia and others, have been doing great things which are primarily the Government’s responsibility,” Mr Hichilema said.

The President told the SDA head that the current administration has focused on making it must to govern the country by respecting the rule of law.

Mr Hichilema further informed Dr Wilson that Government has embarked on an economic reconstruction programme.

“Once we took over office, we embarked on an economic reconstruction programme. We have embarked on ensuring this country is government by the rule of law,” he said.

The President also stated that the abolishment of the death penalty was inspired by Christian beliefs.

And president of the General Conference of the SDA Ted Wilson commended President Hichilema for governing Zambia in a distinguished way.

Dr Wilson said President Hichilema’s efforts in uniting Zambia are commendable.

He also applauded the country for being tolerant to other religious groupings in the country.

Dr Wilson said as a Christina, President Hichilema must continue to endeavour to rule Zambia in a just manner

He also said the church will continue to supplement Government’s efforts in sectors such as education.

“We have the second largest education system in the world. Many of your students here are part of this beautiful system,” Dr Wilson said.

Dr Wilson who shared Bible verses for the President also offered a prayer for the head of state.

The head of the SDA church is in the country for a visit which is expected to culminate into a large gathering at National Heroes Stadium on February 4 where President Hichilema is expected to be guest of honour.


  1. In terms of community service, the SDA Church has accounted itself well. However, there’s a growing fanaticism in the church whereby some members regard those that don’t subscribe to the doctrine of the Sabbath and E. G. White writings as devil worshippers. There’s no God that’ll reward you for disrespecting people of other or no faith. Salvation shall not come from eating cold meals from Friday evening till that of Saturday. The biggest worship is in how you treat others. Always ask yourself whether you’d accept what you say about or do to others if it were done to you. Further, as a national philosophy, Christianity has failed to inspire us to anything good. We are a nation of hypocrites. There’s nothing Christian about the character of our nation

  2. The SDA group was flown around the country using government resources and security wings. The SDA is Tonga church and UPND is a Tonga party. Calling anyone Tonga today is hate speech that will get you arrested.

  3. Because Mpundu has disowned you ,now SDA is uniting the country this man is becoming a comedian from being a Republican President.

  4. HH is a failed Project…in opposition he used to sound very intelligent just like Sean Tembo but it turns out he is an empty tin….Christianity and slave trade……NEVER FORGET HOW THEY CAME TO STEAL OUR LAND AND ENSLAVE AND COLONISE AFRICANS


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