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VP Nalumango Addresses Lack of Fuel Subsidies, Advises Zambians on Eating Habits and Agricultural Input


Vice President Mutale Nalumango has stated that the government does not have the funds to subsidize fuel. During an appearance on the “Let People Talk” program on Phoenix FM, the Vice President highlighted that the available resources have been allocated towards providing free education, quality health services and other sectors. However, she stated that the government is in the process of clearing the Indeni Oil Pipeline to reduce the cost of fuel transportation, which is expected to result in lower fuel prices.

Mrs Nalumango also stressed the importance of managing the available maize stocks to avoid food shortages. She pointed out that while the country is food secure and has adequate maize stocks, the recent weather patterns have necessitated the need to ensure that available stocks are not depleted. Mrs. Nalumango stated that even the recent exports of maize were controlled.

During the program, the Vice President also spoke about the importance of eating roller meal, which is cheaper and more nutritious than breakfast maize meal, according to her office’s studies. She advised farmers to use cow dung instead of expensive fertilizers, which will save them money. Mrs. Nalumango also challenged fellow politicians, including Hon. Harry Kalaba and Chishimba Kambwili, to deny whether they eat roller meal.

Critics have responded to Mrs Nalumango’s statements by pointing out that the Vice President is missing the point as Zambians are complaining about the rising cost of food in the absence of money and poverty, not the nutrition value of roller meal. Nalumango also accused oil marketing companies of hoarding fuel to profit from the monthly ERB increases in fuel prices, a similar accusation she made against millers.

The Vice President stated that the country is not responsible for fuel price hikes as Zambia does not produce its own oil. She expects fuel prices to eventually come down with the help of the TAZAMA oil pipeline and a deal with Angola. Nalumango recognized that President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND promised a good life and reduced cost of living, but warned Zambians that these promises were based on little information and that the UPND has discovered that the PF did more damage than previously thought.

Mrs Nalumango advised Zambians to remember that the UPND and President Hichilema have five years to be judged and that the delays in fulfilling promises are due to limited information. The full interview can be found at the link provided.


  1. Ati little information. Blame game all the time. When will this government learn to be responsible?

    This ugly vice president is not even ashamed of what she is saying!!!

    • True. While people choose not to go to school, nobody chooses how their features should be shaped. Let’s love people just as they are.

  2. Spending hours trying to get out of the web of lies. It’s on record on videos and everywhere that fuel was expensive in Zambia because Lungu and his friends were stealing the difference between the real price and the actual price. So now Lungu has no chance to steal why is the difference growing even bigger.

  3. Whilst in opposition everything was as simple as 1..2,,3…now they have become motivational speakers…
    @Henry my brother its not cool calling a fellow human being ugly….lets be civil brotherman

  4. Madam, no need to explain yourself, all Zambians needed was freedom to trade at markets without wearing green and be harrassed, peace at bus stations without being harrassed or beaten by PF thieves, No pangas, freedom to compaign or express one self without being hacked. And you, ,madam and your team have given us that, Thats we needed for starters. The rest , Zambians can do for themselves, they are not lame or children to be fed. They are grown ups madam. they can start their own companies that can produce cheaper mealie meal, its not Governments job. Thankyou

  5. They now have the freedom which they didnt have in ten years, you have given them that, so dont let them ask more from you madam, these foolish good for nothing beggars!

  6. Whether Govt with money or without, forget about energy subsidies and start thinking smart sustainable energy policies; Subsidies as Instruments do not work and have been for a long time a veil to the realities and a hindrance to painting a true picture; they skew realities and do create an illusion of affordability. They also disadvantage other energy sources not targeted for subsidization. They cause rise to energy inefficiencies (demand-side) and that all end-users benefit including the untargeted ones. And subsidy programmes are often prone to misuse, misapplication and mismanagement. Energy subsidies are inefficient and ineffective, and an unnecessary drain on the fiscus, period!

  7. “clearing the Indeni Oil Pipeline”???? Zambia doesnt have such a pipeline. However the country has a TAZAMA (Tanzania Zambia Mafuta) Pipelines


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