Friday, February 23, 2024

Auditor General Under Attack by UPND Government, Mutotwe Kafwaya Speaks Out


Patriotic Front presidential candidate Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya has issued a statement regarding the recent attack on the Auditor General by the UPND government. In his statement, Hon. Mutotwe claims that the UPND government is attempting to circumvent accountability and perpetuate lies about their standard of governance. He alleges that the government has removed two deputies to the Auditor General, Clara Mazimba and Francis Mbewe, and warns the Auditor General, Dr. Dick Sichembe, that he will be fired next.

“The Auditor General is under severe attack,” Hon. Mutotwe stated. “This is in order for the UPND Government to circumvent accountability going forward. UPND wants to project and perpetuate lies (ubufi, boza) about their standard of governance.”

Hon. Mutotwe accuses the UPND of being desperate to show a good audit opinion to the public and cheating through audit opinions. He states that the professionals who will replace Dr. Sichembe and his deputies will not have the same level of capabilities, but will instead offer user-friendly audit opinions that cast the government in a good light.

“The people who will replace those positions for your now former two deputies including yours will not have the capabilities you and your deputies possessed,” Hon. Mutotwe explained. “Instead, their only consideration will be user friendliness. Those will be people with the capacity to produce favorable audit opinions for government in the face of glaring illegalities in fertilizer procurements, private audit service procurements, drug procurements, and now consultancy services in the mining sector being awarded to related pension fund management firms.”

Hon. Mutotwe fears that the country is in deep trouble and that the government will take action to cover up its mistakes. He warns Dr. Sichembe that he may face investigations from ACC, DEC, and the police to justify his dismissal, but encourages him to remain professional.

“Just go like Siyuni did, posterity will judge you right,” Hon. Mutotwe said. “The worst for you is not just losing your job. I am not a prophet, but I can assure you that for this government to justify your dismissal, they will take you to investigative agencies. Soon, you will be a client of ACC, DEC & police. Do not be unsettled, remain professional. All these maneuvers will be aimed at staining your professionalism to justify your removal.”


  1. It is a no-brainer that Dick Sichembe cannot ethically hold that position. The reason is beyond politics and is simply that Dick was Accountant General before being appointed Auditor General. That is a conflict of self-review. His removal is warranted.

    • Clearly you don’t live in Zambia, do you? Kambwili who I don’t respect as a political leader had a case manufactured against him, and so did the noise maker Tayali who was locked up for days before being changed for assaulting a police woman whilst in custody. ACC went to Amos Chanda to investigate him for corruption but ended up finding him with a case to answer for insults. Sean Tembo was to be arrested for defamation of the President but when they realised it wouldn’t go anywhere they arrested him for hate speech… The list goes on

    • Can a manufactured offence stick and lead to a constitutional office holder lose their job? That’s the key issue here. It’s not just manufacturing a case but also proving it.

    • HH did not commit treason in Mongu but the treason charge was somehow manufactured. Because it was going to be impossible to prove it in court, a way was found to save face by invoking the DPP’s power to enter a nolle prosecue.

  2. This is the worst government ever. After four years we are going to cry. People had so much confidence in the “magic” that the New government was going to exhibit.

  3. The NEW DOOM have quickly shown that they are 10 times worse than PF just in one and half years. We should quickly come up with a credible opposition to stop the rot, we can’t simply allow the perpetuation of this nonsense, no!!!!

  4. A Upnd district chairman on the copperbelt interprets the events differently…. that now there’s order but meanwhile he’s taking it upon himself to ” discipline” civil servants. He intimidates opposing voices while condemning the PF cadres culture.

  5. Sichende is a known UPND cadre compromising his work.Usel— tribalism in this party fovering themselves fake report

    • Do u know what you’re talking about? Why does Mutotwe Kafwaya then think that Dick Sichembe is lined up for dismissal if he’s a UPND “cadre”?

  6. When you go to fetch firewood in the bush, just know that you have invited a Lizard to the party.
    We are watching from the terraces…

  7. kkkkkkkkkk isoka muma cells but kwena this zambia is now rotten and stinking.The level we have reached is an acceptable,like kids mumadongosuma

  8. kkkk kkk insoka muma cells but kwena ubwaice bubi,kkkkkk ala bambi their blood is thicker than water you cant temper with them balikosa kunse na mukati and you think it is a joke kuti wafwilamo mmmm kkkkkk insoka sure yaaaaaba.Back to the story we are living in a corrupt society and anything can happen to Mr Sichambe,lets hope this wind will blow very fast because there is no flesh air to breath, we are gasping for air.

  9. If AG and /or his deputies are not doing their jobs properly then they deserve to go. It’s just like in any other job you can be hired or fired.

  10. Ooooh! Interesting stuff. So the h boy is also meddling the office of the Auditor General?
    No wonder the cost of living is going up. How can the entire president fire common accountants?

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