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Alleged Illegal Audits Persist in HH’s Government: Honorable Mutotwe Kafwaya Speaks Out Against Unethical Behavior


Hon. Mutotwe Kafwaya, a presidential candiate for the post of PF president, has recently spoken out against the government’s reliance on alleged illegal audits. In a public statement, he expressed his shock and disappointment over the recent use of illegal audits against senior staff members in the Ministry of Finance and National Planning.

“The recent audit being used against the Auditor General and Ministry of Finance senior staff was done illegally by a private firm,” stated Hon. Kafwaya. “Government should eliminate its love for illegal audits. All audits in Government are provided for by law.”

Hon. Kafwaya went on to challenge the Ministry of Finance and National Planning to prove that the Secretary to the Treasury had sanctioned the illegal audit activity. He called the behavior of those who carried out the illegal audit “unethical” and “unprofessional.”

“I dare say this audit had no authority. It was illegal. The officer or officers who undertook this audit should be put to task for wasting taxpayers’ money on an illegal activity,” said Hon. Kafwaya. “All actions of government workers must have authority.”

The political figure also raised concerns over the individuals being lined up to take over as Auditor General, suggesting that they may be capable of conducting illegal audits to benefit their friends. “Will this country ever receive free and fair views of financial, operational, and governance performance of government with such unethical individuals as AG?” he asked.

Hon. Kafwaya’s statements come in the wake of a regional purge, where unwanted staff members were removed from the Ministry of Finance and National Planning based on the findings of the illegal audit. He criticized the actions of the government, stating that transferring staff out of a ministry on the basis of investigations is not provided for by law or any procedures of government.

“This country belongs to all,” said Hon. Kafwaya. “Government should reduce on this visible regional purge. Remember that accountant who is accused of being the owner of 48 houses. He was not transferred out of MoFND for those alleged offenses.”

Hon. Kafwaya called for the illegal audit to be discarded and those who carried it out to be held accountable for acting outside of the law. He also quoted Matthew 7:12, “Do unto others what you wish for them to do unto you,” in a call for more ethical and professional behavior in the government.

“Happy Sunday. Restoring everything patriotic,” he concluded.


  1. There used to be a well-qualified and experienced acting auditor-general after the retirement of Anna Chifungula who remained unconfirmed in the position by President Edgar Lungu for a long time. Why was he not confirmed? Mutotwe Kafwaya is not concerned about that. He’s not even concerned about reports of misappropriation of public funds at the Ministry of Finance allegedly under the watch of officers who have been surrendered to Cabinet Office.

  2. I challenge Mutotwe Kafwaya to tell the nation how long Ron Mwambwa acted as auditor-general after the retirement of Anna Chifungula.

  3. These PF presidential candiates should learn from older democracies around the world you are not standing against Hakiande for the PF position, making the loudest noises against UPND govt is not how its done first fight your corner to your PF members put your case forward make alliances within the party then when you win then go for Hakiande.

    • Dick Sichembe was accountant-general before being appointed auditor-general. He therefore was appointed to audit his own accounting work. How professional was that Mutotwe Kafwaya? Meanwhile he replaced Ron Mwambwa who was not only also qualified professionally but also independent because he did not take part in preparing government accounts he later audited.

  4. Why didn’t he speak out during the irregular acquisition of used fire engines from California ? Was that ethical ?


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